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Individuals with surname Davis, P…

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Palmer Davis
PalmerAAAADavisDavisAAAAPalmer 017852373201230Burlington, Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America00187524060721409032871  MYESYES 
Pardon Davis
PardonAAAADavisDavisAAAAPardon 0March 21, 17912375289224Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States00December 25, 187524062481398430959  MYESYES 
Pardon Davis
PardonAAAADavisDavisAAAAPardon 0December 18, 18272388709187Hornellsville, Steuben, New York, United States00May 24, 187024042071444215498Atlantic City, Wyoming, United States  MYESYES 
Paris Davis
ParisAAAADavisDavisAAAAParis 018282388905187Madison Co., Illinois00yes2432734  -1  MYESY100 
Paris Morris Gordon "M.G." Davis
Morris G Danis
Moris G Davis
Paris Morris GordonAAAADavisDavisAAAAParis Morris Gordon 0July 18, 1866
2403150148Ritchie, Clay, West Virginia, United States
West Virginia
2429447767226464Clay, Clay, West Virginia, United States
Clay, Wetzel, West Virginia, USA
Parker Fay Davis
Parker FayAAAADavisDavisAAAAParker Fay 0September 10, 18892411256125Indiana, United States3319592436752566925314  MYESY100 
Patience Davis
PatienceAAAADavisDavisAAAAPatience 0May 21, 17722368411242Rowan, North Carolina, United States of America00186224013241538932731  FYESYES 
Patience Davis
PatienceAAAADavisDavisAAAAPatience 018192385618196Montgomery, New York, USA00yes2429447  -1  FYESY100 
Patricia Ann Davis
Patricia AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPatricia Ann 0January 30, 18512397153164Stow Creek, Cumberland, New Jersey, United States of America00December 10, 19352428147798430994  FYESY100 
Patricia May Davis
Patricia MayAAAADavisDavisAAAAPatricia May 0May 31, 1938242905076Ithaca, Tompkins, New York, United States of America00June 18, 2008245463667025586Addison, Steuben, New York  FY100Y100 
Paul Davis
PaulAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul 0September 21, 1921242295493Chesterfield County, South Carolina, USA00July 27, 19642438604504215650Chesterfield County, South Carolina, USA  MY100Y100 
Paul Davis
PaulAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul 0December 12, 1907
December 12, 1907
2417922107Reynoldsville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Reynoldsville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States of America
00August 29, 1978
August 29, 1978
2443750367025828IOOF Cemetery, Salem. Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America/
IOOF Cemetery Salem. wv
Paul Bert Davis
Paul BertAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Bert 0April 2, 1926242460889Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States of America11June 18, 2008245463668230028Brighton, Livingston, Michigan, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Paul D. Davis
Paul D.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul D. 0February 13, 1922242309993Mt. Carmel, Illinois, United States of America1010December 16, 19962450434187427335Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Paul Duane Davis
Paul DuaneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Duane 0May 25, 194624319666822April 11, 19992451280165219314Park Forest, Cook, Illinois, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Paul Everett Davis
Paul EverettAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Everett 0January 9, 18902411377125Buffalo Kansas66December 28, 19792444236358932859Houston, Harris County, TX  MYESY100 
Paul Harrison Davis III
Paul Harrison IIIAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Harrison III 0May 1, 1851
about 1852
2397671163Cabell, West Virginia
West Virginia
55April 17, 19252424258907327014Charleston, Kanawha, W.V.  MYESY100 
Paul Harrison Davis Jr.
Paul Harrison Jr.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Harrison Jr. 0May 9, 18132383373201Cabell, West Virginia, United States of America1212November 17, 188424094981307126125W V death records for cabell Co. Vol 1 page 45-verifies wife and parents. Burial: Davis Cem # 1 (Paul)inside Bowen Cem. area. go to Doors to the Past site for directions./Cabell Co., West Virginia  MYESYES 
Paul Harrison Davis Sr.
Paul Harrison Sr.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Harrison Sr. 0November 4, 17862373691228Greenbrier, Doddridge, Virginia, USA11May 9, 185123972521636423561Cabell, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Paul Ledworth Davis Jr.
Paul Ledworth Jr.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Ledworth Jr. 0about 193324272568200before November 4, 19992451487156624413  MY100Y100 
Paul Ledworth Davis Sr.
Paul Ledworth Sr.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Ledworth Sr. 0April 13, 18982414393117West Virginia, United States of America22February 28, 19352427862803613469Princeton, West Virginia USA  MYESY100 
Paul M. Davis
Paul M.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul M. 0August 18, 18972414155117Missouri, United States of America00January 7, 19802444246358230091San Diego, San Diego, California, United States of America  MYESY100 
Paul Preston Davis
Paul PrestonAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Preston 0October 11, 18952413478119Sumner, Tennessee, United States of America33February 4, 19592436604566323126Scottsville, Allen, Kentucky, United States  MYESY100 
Paul R. Davis
Paul R.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul R. 0March 22, 1923
242360392Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA
Pennsylvania, United States of America
00December 1, 1998
December 26, 1998
2451174167527648Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA
Paul W. Davis
Paul W.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul W. 0August 26, 18932412702121Bristol, Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America001897241410811831224Harrison, Marion, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Paul Wesley Davis
Paul WesleyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Wesley 0October 15, 1945243174469Clearwater, Los Angeles, California11August 8, 2010
August 8, 2010
August 8, 2010
245541746423673Paradise, Butte, California, United States of America
Oroville, Butte, California, USA
Oroville, Butte, California, USA
Paul Wesley "Shorty" Davis
Paul WesleyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul Wesley 0June 16, 18672403134147Tuscola, Tuscola, Michigan, United States of America33October 27, 19342427738806724604Almer Township, Tuscola, Michigan, United States of America  MYESY100 
Paul William Davis
Paul WilliamAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaul William 0May 26, 191624210109844April 16, 19882447268277126258Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Paula M. Davis
Paula M.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPaula M. 0March 14, 196124373735400February 22, 2007245415484516781  FY100Y100 
Paulina Davis
PaulinaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaulina 0February 1, 18272388389188Salem, Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America11June 13, 190624173751087928986  FYESYES 
Paulina Loretta Davis
Polina Loretta Davis
Paulina LorettaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPaulina Loretta 0May 1879
May 3, 1879
2407473135Tyler, Wv00August 10, 18992414877115207406Died from milk fever. Was pregnant at death./  FYESYES 
Pauline Davis
PaulineAAAADavisDavisAAAAPauline 01871240461114400yes2448440  -1  FYESY100 
Pauline Lacy Davis
Pauline LacyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPauline Lacy 0October 3, 19052417122109Virginia00April 18, 19722441426436624304Elkton, Rockingham, Virginia, United States  FYESY100 
Pauline Winnifred Davis
Pauline WinnifredAAAADavisDavisAAAAPauline Winnifred 0September 20, 1923242368391Hammond, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, United States00March 19, 19792443952365520269Hammond, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, United States  FY100Y100 
Pearl (Spouse of Charles Emanuel) Davis
Pearl (Spouse of Charles Emanuel)AAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl (Spouse of Charles Emanuel) 0about 18862410090129USA00yes2453919  -1USA  FYESY100R
Pearl Ann Davis
Pearl AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Ann 0December 22, 18882410994126LeRoy, Coffey, Kansas, United States of America22August 13, 19302426202844115208Iola, Kansas  FYESY100 
Pearl C. Davis
Pearl C.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl C. 0August 8, 18892411223125Ill00November 19702440906448129669Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois, United States of America  FYESY100 
Pearl E. Davis
Pearl E.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl E. 0February 18932412509122Michigan, USA00yes2456476  -1  MYESY100 
Pearl Eddy Davis
Pearl EddyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Eddy 0January 17, 18882410654127Perry, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA00July 1979
July 1979
2444071359133402Alpen, Alpena, Michigan
Alpen, Alpena, Michigan
Pearl Irene Davis
Pearl IreneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Irene 0August 6, 1901241560311300October 24, 19692440519456824916  FYESY100 
Pearl Irene Davis
Pearl IreneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Irene 0November 5, 19112419346103New York, United States of America00December 2, 19892447863257828517  FYESY100 
Pearl Marie Davis
Pearl MarieAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Marie 0August 16, 18932412692121Lamar MO00yes2456476  -1  FYESY100 
Pearl May Davis
Pearl MayAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl May 018742405707141Michigan, USA00191524206811004114974  FYESYES 
Pearl Minerva Mariah Davis
Pearl Minerva MariahAAAADavisDavisAAAAPearl Minerva Mariah 0June 3, 1884240933113055August 8, 19262424736884215405cancer/  FYESY100 
Peggy Davis
PeggyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeggy 01814238379220100yes2427621  -1  FYESY100 
Peggy Ann Davis
Peggy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeggy Ann 0February 8, 195324344176200November 8, 19902448204243713787Washington, Jones, Iowa, USA  FY100Y100 
Peggy Velma Davis
Peggy VelmaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeggy Velma 0October 20, 1920242261894Americus, Kansas00October 17, 2008245475768732139Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas, United States of America  FY100Y100 
Peleg Davis
PelegAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeleg 0about 1822238671419300yes2430543  -1  MYESY100 
Peleg Davis
PelegAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeleg 01769236735724600before 1773236881824241461Died Young/Edmeston, Otsego, New York, United States of America  MYESYES 
Peleg Davis
PelegAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeleg 017732368818242Providence, RI Or, Connecticut, United States00October 3, 185523988601598230224  MYESYES 
Peregrine "Perry" Davis
Perrigan Davis
PeregrineAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeregrine 0July 3, 1828
2388905186Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio, United States
nr Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio, USA
11December 31, 189524135591196724652Belle Valley, Noble, Ohio, United States  MYESYES 
Permelia Davis
PermeliaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPermelia 0November 25, 1835239160817900yes2435291  -1  FYESY100 
Permelia Davis
PermeliaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPermelia 0May 27, 1831238996518322June 14, 190724177411077627776  FYESYES 
Permelia Ann Davis
Permelia AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPermelia Ann 018322390366183Aurora, Cayuga, New York, USA00190124155681146925202Hume, Allegany, New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Permilia Davis
PermiliaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPermilia 0about 1833239073218222yes2434561  -1  FYESY100 
Peregrine "Perry" Davis
Perrigan Davis
PerriganAAAADavisDavisAAAAPerrigan 0July 3, 1828
2388905186Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio, United States
nr Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio, USA
11December 31, 189524135591196724652Belle Valley, Noble, Ohio, United States  MYESYES 
Perry Davis
PerryAAAADavisDavisAAAAPerry 0December 25, 1858240003915600yes2443692  -1  MYESY100 
Perry E. Davis
Perry E.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPerry E. 0February 21, 18482396079167New York00yes2440039  -1  FYESY100 
Perry Orvey Davis
Perry OrveyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPerry Orvey 0July 14, 18862410102128Turtle Creek, Franklin, Shelby, Ohio, USA66March 16, 19342427513814717411Shelby, Ohio, United States of America  MYESY100 
Perry R. Davis
Perry R.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPerry R. 0October 18692403987145Ohio Township, Gallia, Ohio USA11February 28, 19512433706648129734Crown City, Gallia, Ohio, USA  MYESY100 
Perry T. Davis
Perry T.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPerry T. 0186924038811460018952413377120269496Hartville, Wright, Missouri, United States of America  MYESYES 
Perryania "Annie" Davis
PerryaniaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPerryania 0March 18, 18622401218153Gallia, Ohio, USA00yes2445153  -1  FYESY100 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0August 1, 1858
August 1, 1858
2399893156Doddridge, Monoglia, West Virginia
Doddridge, Monoglia, West Virginia
66May 8, 19282425375866925482  MYESY100 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 017652365896250Brothers?: Abraham, Isaac, Rufus/North Carolina USA11before 185023969411658531045Greenbrier, Doddridge, Virginia, USA  MYESYESR
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0November 22, 17712368230243Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts, America00September 9, 185523988361598330606Clinton, Ohio, United States  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0May 1, 16802334789334Dover, Kent, , England88February 29, 177623697902399535001Westerly, Kings, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYESR
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0October 17, 17112346279303Stonington, New London, Connecticut, America00September 22, 1812238314420210036865  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0August 13, 17862373608228Trinity Parish, Charles, Maryland, United States of America1010April 18, 185723994231587025815Reed Creek, Henry, Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0March 13, 18382392447177Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America0018642402054151259425, Warwickshire, , England  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0September 16, 18112382772203Morristown, Monongalia, West Virginia, United States of America11April 30, 188724103921277527620Shinnston, Harrison, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0about 18692403881146Indiana, United States of America00yes2447710  -1  MYESY100 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0October 25, 18072381350207Kingston, Ulster, New York, United States of America00February 6, 188624099441297828594Ulster, Ulster, New York, United States of America  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0July 18632401703151West Virginia, United States of America00May 31, 19312426493836724805  MYESY100 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 018372392193178, Mercer, West Virginia, USA44186524024201502810227  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0June 3, 18632401660151, Raleigh, West Virginia, USA00yes2445518  -1  MYESY100 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0July 10, 18622401332152, , Virginia, USA00about 1862240132415300Died young  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0November 9, 17492360182265Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America00yes2403881  -1  MYESYES 
Peter Davis
PeterAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter 0about 16552325719360Wales11yes2369548  -1  MYESYESR
Peter Henry Davis
Peter HenryAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter Henry 0November 29, 1935242813679Three Hills, Alberta00September 24, 1957243610657217970  MY100Y100 
Peter Joseph Davis
Peter JosephAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter Joseph 0January 27, 18162384366199Ulster Cn., N.Y.11yes2428351  -1  MYESY100 
Peter L. Davis
Peter L.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter L. 0May 18, 18272388495187Ritchie, West Virginia, United States of America00about 182823889051870228Young, Texas, United States of America  MYESYES 
Peter Perkins Davis
Peter PerkinsAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter Perkins 0October 1, 18172384979197Reed Creek, Henry, Virginia, United States00February 9, 187624062941395821315Oak Level, Henry, Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Peter Smith Davis
Peter SmithAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter Smith 0October 1, 18102382422204Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America00March 9, 18302389521185197099  MYESYES 
Peter Smith Davis
Peter SmithAAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter Smith 0September 16, 1783
September 15, 1783
September 16, 1783
2372546231Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America
Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America
1010March 4, 1873
March 4, 1842
March 4, 1873
24052221428932676Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, West Virginia
Salem, Harrison County, (West) VA
Greenbrier Run, near Salem, Harrison, West Virginia
Peter W. Davis
Peter W.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter W. 0about 18712404611144Iowa USA00yes2448440  -1  MYESY100 
Peter W.+ Davis
Peter W.+AAAADavisDavisAAAAPeter W.+ 0March 28, 18092381870206Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America99January 18, 189424128471218430977Doddridge, West Virginia  MYESYES 
Petrus Davis
PetrusAAAADavisDavisAAAAPetrus 0February 3, 17512360633264Boiceville, Ulster, New York, USA00September 3, 184923966391659836006Danby, Tompkins, New York, USA  MYESYESR
Phalla Zerviah Davis
Phalla ZerviahAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhalla Zerviah 0September 5, 18392392988175Cumberland, New Jersey, United States of America00yes2436752  -1  FYESY100 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0August 10, 1794
August 10, 1794
2376527220Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America11August 4, 18152384190199207663  FYESYES 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0November 13, 17952376987219Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States11October 17, 187824072751368230288Waterford, New London, Connecticut, United States of America  FYESYES 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0June 29, 18282388903186Greenbriar Run, Doddridge Co, VA, USA11188024078981355118813Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America  FYESYES 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0February 21, 1778237051323700yes2414473  -1  FYESYES 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0June 28, 18082381597206New Garden Mm, Guilford, North Carolina, USA00yes2425429  -1  FYESY100 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 017952376853220Sussex, Delaware, United States00September 1, 186024006551546523984Monongalia Co, Virginia, United States  FYESYES 
Phebe Davis
PhebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe 0about 1797237758421800yes2421412  -1  FYESY100 
Phebe (Spouse of Nathaniel) Davis
Phebe (Spouse of Nathaniel)AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe (Spouse of Nathaniel) 0about 1772236845224300184423947491717226297Mount Sinai, Long Island, New York, USA  FYESYESR
Phebe Ann Davis
Phebe AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe Ann 0September 12, 18272388612187Parke Co., Indiana00June 4, 190524170011097728389Parke, Indiana, United States  FYESYES 
Phebe Heritage Davis
Phebe HeritageAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe Heritage 018402393288175New Jersey, United States00yes2437117  -1  FYESY100 
Phebe S Davis
Phebe SAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe S 0March 26, 18202385886195Marlboro, Cumberland, New Jersey, USA00September 10, 189224123521227226466Farina, Fayette, Illinois, United States of America  FYESYES 
Phebe Sheppard Davis
Phebe SheppardAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe Sheppard 0April 17, 1858
April 17, 1858
2399787157Walworth, Walworth, Wisconsin, United States of America
, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA
00February 4, 189024114031253111616  FYESYES 
Phebe Wescott Davis
Phebe WescottAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhebe Wescott 0June 20, 1716234798729800October 1, 179023751182247427131Mt Sinai, Lewis, New York, United States  FYESYES 
Phienehas Davis
PhienehasAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhienehas 0August 21, 17662366311248Harvard, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA00October 12, 183123901031836523792  MYESYES 
Philander Darwin Davis
Philander DarwinAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilander Darwin 0March 3, 18462395359169Huron, Ohio, United States66191424203161016724775Delta, Colorado, United States  MYESYES 
Philinda Davis
PhilindaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilinda 018452395115170Indiana, United States of America00yes2438944  -1  FYESY100 
Philip Davis
PhilipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip 0about 1753236151326200yes2405342  -1  MYESYES 
Philip Davis
PhilipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip 01617231184039800168923381383267226298  MYESYES 
Philip Davis
PhilipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip 017392356399276Charles, Maryland, United States00January 15, 180123788762146222659Charles, Maryland, United States  MYESYES 
Philip Davis
PhilipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip 0about 1700234215531522between 1772 and 177623691832437226297Lime Ridge, Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA  MYESYESR
Philip Davis
PhilipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip 0August 25, 17752369602239Uwchlan Township, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States of America11yes2413377  -1  MYESYES 
Philip (Philep) Davis
Philip (Philep)AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip (Philep) 0July 13, 16692330844345Grimston, Dorset, England00yes2374662  -1  MYESYES 
Philip (Philep) Davis
Philip (Philep)AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip (Philep) 0October 30, 1698234154531600yes2385253  -1  MYESYES 
Philip Belford Davis
Philip BelfordAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip Belford 0June 18, 1931242651183Milton, Rock, Wisconsin, United States of America00March 28, 19682439944473613433Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States  MY100Y100 
Philip Keith Davis
Philip KeithAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip Keith 0February 9, 1945243149670Denver, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States of America22May 23, 2006245387986122383Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Philip P. Davis
Philip P.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilip P. 0August 27, 18732405398141New Milton, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America0018932412647122197067  MYESYES 
Phillip Davis
PhillipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhillip 017102345807305Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States00yes2389636  -1  MYESYES 
Phillip Davis
PhillipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhillip 0May 27, 16232313995391Dorchester, Dorset, England00February 2, 16362318629379124634Died young/Grimston, Dorset, England  MYESYES 
Phillip Davis
PhillipAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhillip 016832335946332Virginia, United States of America00yes2379774  -1  MYESYES 
Phillip Eugene Davis
Phillip EugeneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhillip Eugene 0September 22, 1937242879977Monticello, Jasper, Georgia, United States00October 18, 2009245512357226324Lake City FL  MY100Y100 
Phillip Sheridan Davis
Phillip SheridanAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhillip Sheridan 0November 3, 1863
November 3, 1864
2402179151Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America99April 28, 19512433765638731952Salem, Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESY100 
Philotheta Davis
PhilothetaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhilotheta 0February 2, 18132383277202Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio United States of America22December 20, 188224088001326925523Garwin, Tama, Iowa, United States of America  FYESYES 
Phineas Davis
PhineasAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas 0September 29, 1794
September 29, 1794
September 29, 1794
September 29, 1794
2376577220Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America
New Salem, Virginia blockhouse/Salem, Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America
Salem, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America
in a "Block House" in West Virginia
1414184523951151705018356Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio, United States  MYESYES 
Phineas Davis
PhineasAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas 0February 19, 1712
February 19, 1712
2346404303Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, America
Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
11December 11, 177323689802416122576Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America  MYESYES 
Phineas Davis
PhineasAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas 0March 31, 1730
March 31, 1730
2353019285Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York, America
Smithtown, Suffolk, New York, USA
1111April 25, 179323760552226323036Burial Brookhaven, NY in Newton Graveyard now called Sorensen's/Hauppauge, Suffolk, New York, USA  MYESYESR
Phineas Davis II
Phineas IIAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas II 0September 14, 17542361952260Lake Ronkonkoma, LI, NY00July 2, 184823962111669334259Lake Ronkonkoma, LI, NY  MYESYES 
Phineas J. Davis
Phineas J.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas J. 0September 17, 1864240213215000October 21, 18642402166150034  MYESYES 
Phineas R. Davis
Phineas R.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhineas R. 0February 18462395342169Ritchie, Virginia (now West Virginia), USA00yes2439309  -1  MYESY100 
Phoebe Davis
PhoebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe 01823238707919200yes2430908  -1  FYESY100 
Phoebe Davis
PhoebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe 0November 7, 18572399626157Clinton, Indiana, United States of America00December 28, 19362428531787928905Morocco, Newton, Indiana, USA  FYESY100 
Phoebe Davis
PhoebeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe 0about 18202385983195Pennsylvania00188124082641346122281Defiance, OH  FYESYES 
Phoebe (Spouse of Josiah) Davis
Phoebe (Spouse of Josiah)AAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe (Spouse of Josiah) 01785237320123011November 25, 186024007401547527721Second Falls, St. George Parish, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada  FYESYESR
Phoebe Ann Davis
Phoebe AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe Ann 0about 18432394384172Honeoye Falls, Monroe, NY00July 29, 190724177861076423584Rock Creek, Idaho  FYESYES 
Phoebe Effa "Effie" Davis
Phoebe EffaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe Effa 0July 9, 18572399505157Illinois00yes2443327  -1  FYESY100 
Phoebe Jane Davis
Phoebe JaneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe Jane 018342391097181Maine, United States of America11yes2434926  -1  FYESY100R
Phoebe Jane Davis
Phoebe JaneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhoebe Jane 0January 19, 18712404447144Washington Co., OH.1313October 21, 19352428097796423650Industry, Calhoun Co, WV  FYESY100 
Phyllis Abigail Davis
Phyllis AbigailAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhyllis Abigail 0March 31, 19142420223101Milton Jct, Rock, Wis00February 19802444285356524048Waushara, Wi  FYESY100 
Phyllis Irene Davis
Phyllis IreneAAAADavisDavisAAAAPhyllis Irene 0September 19, 192524244138944January 20042453021117828593  FY100Y100 
Pierces J. Davis
Pierces J.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPierces J. 01845239511517000yes2438944  -1  MYESY100 
Pira (Ora) May Davis
Pira (Ora) MayAAAADavisDavisAAAAPira (Ora) May 0August 18842409405130Kansas, United States of America00yes2453188  -1  FYESY100 
Pleasant Abednego Davis
Pleasant AbednegoAAAADavisDavisAAAAPleasant Abednego 0December 1, 18332390884181Decatur, Tennessee, United States00November 28, 190824182741067427390Decatur, Tennessee, United States  MYESYES 
Plenard William Davis
Plenard WilliamAAAADavisDavisAAAAPlenard William 0July 9, 18802407906134Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio, United States of America22September 25, 19582436472567828566Beverly Hills, California  MYESY100 
Paulina Loretta Davis
Polina Loretta Davis
Polina LorettaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolina Loretta 0May 1879
May 3, 1879
2407473135Tyler, Wv00August 10, 18992414877115207406Died from milk fever. Was pregnant at death./  FYESYES 
Polina S. W. Davis
Polina S. W.AAAADavisDavisAAAAPolina S. W. 0December 8, 18112382855203Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, West Virginia1111February 4, 190124154201148932565Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, West Virginia  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 01795237685322000188924111861269434333  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 017772370279238Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States of America00yes2414108  -1  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 0about 18522397671163New York, United States of America00yes2441500  -1  FYESY100 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 01796237721821900188924111861269333968  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 01816238452219900yes2428351  -1  FYESY100 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 018492396576166Indiana, United States of America00yes2440405  -1  FYESY100 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 0176723666262480017852373201230186575  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 017632365165252Massachusetts, United States00yes2408994  -1  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 0August 3, 17872373963227Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut, America00June 17, 187524060571398732094Killingworth, , Connecticut, USA  FYESYES 
Polly Davis
PollyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 017492360052266Virginia, United States of America00yes2403881  -1  FYESYES 
Polly Louisa Davis
Polly 'Louisa' Davis
Polly 'Louisa'AAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly 'Louisa' 0April 28, 18452395050169Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America1010July 23, 19292425816858430766Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America  FYESY100 
Polly E Davis
Polly EAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly E 0January 14, 18332390563182Marion, West Virginia, United States of America00189224122811235821536Indiana, United States of America  FYESYES 
Polly Louisa Davis
Polly 'Louisa' Davis
Polly LouisaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly Louisa 0April 28, 18452395050169Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America1010July 23, 19292425816858430766Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America  FYESY100 
Polly Maude Davis
Polly MaudeAAAADavisDavisAAAAPolly Maude 0February 11, 18862409949129Pennsylvania, United States of America00February 26, 19722441374438631425  FYESY100 
Presley Davis
PresleyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPresley 0January 31, 17812371588234Tazewell, Tazewell, Virginia, United States55June 25, 187024042391448932651Craig Cemetery in Coles County, Illinois/Morgan, Coles, Illinois, United States  MYESYES 
Presley Davis
PresleyAAAADavisDavisAAAAPresley 017562362608259, Prince William, Virginia, USA0017772370279238217671Battle of Long Island  MYESYES 
Preston Davis
PrestonAAAADavisDavisAAAAPreston 0July 6, 18582399867156Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America00yes2443692  -1  MYESY100 
Preston Milton Davis
Preston MiltonAAAADavisDavisAAAAPreston Milton 0May 25, 19092418452105Chesterfield, Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA00August 10, 19862446653287728201Chesterfield, Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA  MYESY100 
Preston Randolph Davis
Preston RandolphAAAADavisDavisAAAAPreston Randolph 0October 9, 18422394118172Mechanicsburg, Champaign, Ohio, United States00yes2437848  -1  MYESY100 
Price Davis
PriceAAAADavisDavisAAAAPrice 0October 18592400334155Clark county, Missouri00after August 20, 191324200001015319681  MYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 018102382331205Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America00185924002281564917897  FYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0August 3, 16502323925364Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, America55March 169823413173174717377Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, America  FYESYES 
Priscilla DAVIS
PriscillaAAAADAVISDAVISAAAAPriscilla 0about 18112382696204Virginia, United States of America00after 185023969411653914245  FYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0September 25, 1814
about 1820
November 10, 1821
2386480200nr Lower Salem, Washington, Ohio, USA00April 10, 1816
23867141991563  FYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0about 1717234836429800yes2392193  -1  FYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0January 18242387277191Beaver City, Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States of America00yes2431273  -1  FYESY100 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0March 31, 18272388447188Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States of America00November 5, 189324127731216624326  FYESYES 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0March 18892411078126Clarks Hill, Tippecanoe, Indiana, United States00199624502661910639021Jupiter, Palm Beach, Florida, United States  FYESY100 
Priscilla Davis
PriscillaAAAADavisDavisAAAAPriscilla 0January 9, 17912375218224Vinton, Ohio, United States00September 1, 185023970021645921784Ohio, United States  FYESYES 
Proctor Davis
ProctorAAAADavisDavisAAAAProctor 018462395480169Orleans, New York, USA00yes2439309  -1  MYESY100 
Provie Lou Davis
Provie LouAAAADavisDavisAAAAProvie Lou 0August 4, 18892411219125Lee County, Kentucky, USA00September 21, 189024116321241413Lee County, Kentucky, USA  FYESYES 
Prudence Davis
PrudenceAAAADavisDavisAAAAPrudence 0March 27, 1808
2381600207Virginia, United States of America22yes2425429  -1  FYESY100 
Prudence Davis
PrudenceAAAADavisDavisAAAAPrudence 0July 7, 17602364075254Westerly, Kings, Rhode Island, America00November 24, 184123937991738129724  FYESYES