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Individuals with surname Davis, N…

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N Marietta Davis
N MariettaAAAADavisDavisAAAAN Marietta 0December 8, 1822238687319200March 20, 18492396472166269599  FYESYES 
N. Ross Davis
N. RossAAAADavisDavisAAAAN. Ross 0about 18772406803138, , Texas, USA00yes2450632  -1  MYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 017852373201230Westerly, Kings County, Rhode Island00about 1785237320123000  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 018692403881146West Virginia, United States of America00yes2447710  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 018162384522199Clay Township, Gallia, Ohio USA00November 19, 188024080391346423699Cheshire Township, Gallia, Ohio USA  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0March 10, 18022379295213Verona, Oneida, New York, United States of America00February 6, 188024077521357728457Watson, Lewis, New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0October 24, 18512397420163Marion West Virginia USA00yes2441135  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0about 1801237904421400yes2422873  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0February 6, 18542398256161West Virginia, United States of America00yes2442231  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0about 1782237210523300yes2415933  -1  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0March 6, 18482396093167, Noble, Ohio, USA00July 19, 19242423986907627893, Sacramento, California, USA  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 017842372835231Rhode Island, United States of America00November 14, 186424021901508029537  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 018142383792201Fleming, Kentucky, United States of America00about 185523987671604114975Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, USA  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0April 27, 18122382996203Vermillion, Edgar, Illinois, United States00August 9, 188624101281287427132Vermillion, Edgar, Illinois, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 017932376123222Nelson, Kentucky, United States00188024078981358731775Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0about 192924257958600December 5, 20002451884147126271Richmond, Henrico, Virginia, USA  FY100Y100 
Nancy "Nannie" Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0June 1, 18742405676140Primrose, Lee, Kentucky, United States of America00July 12, 19652438954499133278Lee, Kentucky, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0August 6, 18552398802159, Fayette, West Virginia, USA00February 13, 19342427482817828680Lively, Fayette, West Virginia, USA  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0June 3, 18002378650214Old, Albemarle, Virginia, United States of America00yes2422507  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0December 8, 18372392352177Groton, New London County, Connecticut00189424130121215620478  FYESYES 
Nancy "Nanny" Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 018112382696204North Carolina, United States00yes2426525  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0June 21, 18622401313152Crawford, Wisconsin, United States00October 11, 19482432836668631523Payette, Payette, Idaho, United States  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 0January 3, 18702404066145Polk, Tennessee, United States00November 11, 19392429579756925513Bradley, Tennessee, United States  FYESY100 
Nancy Davis
NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy 018002378679215Essex, Virginia, United States00188024078981358029219Georgia, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Ann Davis
Nancy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ann 0February 8, 18642401910151Mannington, Marion County, West Virginia, USA00yes2445883  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Davis
Nancy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ann 0April 8, 18452395030170Arkansas or Missouri00July 14, 19332427268818832238Voca, McCulloch Co., TX  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Davis
Nancy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ann 0April 4, 1870240415714500yes2448075  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Davis
Nancy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ann 018452395115170Missouri, United States00yes2438944  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Davis
Nancy AnnAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ann 0May 5, 18442394692170Polk, Tennessee, United States of America1313February 22, 191124190901046624398Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica  FYESYES 
Nancy Ann DAVIS
Nancy AnnAAAADAVISDAVISAAAANancy Ann 0July 2, 18752406072139Polk County, Tennessee, USA00September 26, 19492433186657427114  FYESY100 
Nancy C. Snider
Nancy (Synder) Snider
Nancy C Davis
Nancy CAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy C 0March 22, 18452395013170, Harrison, West Virginia, USA99July 22, 191224196061026724593  FYESYES 
Nancy C Davis
Nancy CAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy C 0May 13, 18392392873175Marion, West Virginia, United States of America00October 13, 187324054451413412572Texas, United States of America  FYESYES 
Nancy C Davis
Nancy CAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy C 018592400228156Perry, Alabama, United States00yes2444057  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Dent Davis
Nancy DentAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Dent 0September 1, 18082381662206Henry, Virginia, United States of America00December 24, 188924113611258129699Henry, Virginia, United States of America  FYESYES 
Nancy E Davis
Nancy EAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy E 01843239438417200yes2438213  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Elizabeth Davis
Nancy ElizabethAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Elizabeth 0March 12, 18432394272172Grainger, Tennessee, United States of America00March 20, 19202422404957728132Rutledge, Grainger, Tennessee, United States  FYESY100 
Nancy Ellen Davis
Nancy EllenAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Ellen 0March 1, 18472395722168IL11December 29, 19152420861996825139Kiowa, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, USA  FYESYES 
Nancy Estelle "Nanna" Davis
Nancy EstelleAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Estelle 018702404246145West Virginia22yes2448075  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Florence Davis
Nancy FlorenceAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Florence 0February 24, 18602400465155Owsley, Kentucky, United States of America66August 8, 190124156051134115140Campton, Wolfe, Kentucky, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Florence Davis
Nancy FlorenceAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Florence 0February 14, 18952413239120Kentucky00July 8, 19902448081249534842Versailles, Woodford, Kentucky, United States,  FYESY100 
Nancy J. Davis
Nancy J.AAAADavisDavisAAAANancy J. 01866240278514900yes2446614  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy J. Davis
Nancy J.AAAADavisDavisAAAANancy J. 0March 17, 1839239281617600189524133771205520379Chesterfield, Chesterfield, South Carolina, United States of America  FYESYES 
Nancy Janet Davis
Nancy JanetAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Janet 0October 27, 18302389753184Chesterfield County, South Carolina00September 17, 188724105321275620779Chesterfield, Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Nancy "Nantie" Davis Jr.
Nancy Jr.AAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Jr. 0July 6, 18292389275185Stokes Co. North Carolina00December 6, 19152420838998631563Surry, North Carolina, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Lucinda Davis
Nancy LucindaAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Lucinda 0July 20, 18472395863167Rockville, Parke Co., Indiana001922
2423238937427193Bellmore, Parke Co., IN
Couldn't locate in 1920 census IN
Nancy O. Davis
Nancy O.AAAADavisDavisAAAANancy O. 018812408264134Illinois, USA001881240826413400Illinois, USA  FYESYES 
Nancy P Davis
Nancy PAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy P 017942376488221Warren, North Carolina, United States00yes2420316  -1  FYESYES 
Nancy Susan Davis
Nancy SusanAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Susan 0January 21, 18762406275139Faribault, Minnesota, USA00yes2450266  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Uretta Davis
Nancy UrettaAAAADavisDavisAAAANancy Uretta 0January 9, 18422393845173Berlin, Rensselaer, New York, USA00April 20, 189324125741225118729Berlin, Rensselaer, New York, USA  FYESYES 
Naomi Muriel Davis
Naomi MurielAAAADavisDavisAAAANaomi Muriel 0June 25, 1921242286693Salem, Harrison, WV, USA00October 30, 2006245403988531173Belmont, --, WV, USA  FY100Y100 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 0February 25, 18452394988170Long Run, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America11191024188551056423685Doddridge, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 0about 184023932881751860 US Census: Pennsylvania/Meigs, Adams, Ohio, USA00after 19202422507958029219  MYESY100 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 017972377584218North Carolina11185023969411655319357, Randolph, North Carolina, USA  MYESYES 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 01737235566927800yes2399498  -1  MYESYES 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 0April 24, 17362355235279Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America00yes2399132  -1  MYESYES 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 0June 9, 18322390344182Randolph, North Carolina, United States00October 19, 19192422251958731907Kansas, Wichita, Kansas, United States  MYESY100 
Nathan Davis
NathanAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan 0about 16632328641352Wales11June 8, 172623516272886323168  MYESYES 
Nathan Gifford Davis
Nathan GiffordAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Gifford 0October 18, 18142383900200Cherry Camp Run, Harrison, West Virginia1111April 30, 186324016261514817726Doddridge County, West Virginia USA  MYESYES 
Nathan J. Davis
Nathan J.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan J. 0November 24, 1797
November 24, 1797
2377729217of Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA1515April 15, 189124118381249334109West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Nathan Davis Jr.
Nathan Jr.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Jr. 0June 21, 17722368442242Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States of America1111May 23, 186624027451489334303West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Nathan N. Davis
Nathan N.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan N. 0September 9, 18242387514190West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America55189824144731177326777  MYESYES 
Nathan Randall Davis
Nathan RandallAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Randall 0March 11, 1816238441019900July 13, 18332390743181176333  MYESYES 
Nathan Rogers Davis
Nathan RogersAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Rogers 0August 18342391142180no male line to present/Chenango, New York, United States of America33October 16, 1863
October 16, 1863
24017951512910668Caledonia, Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA
Otselic, Chenango, New York
Nathan Thomas Davis
Nathan ThomasAAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Thomas 0August 12, 1869240392214533yes2447710  -1  MYESY100 
Nathan W. Davis
Nathan W.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan W. 0April 28, 18482396146166West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America00January 21, 1854239824016152094West Union, Doddridge, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Nathan Wardner+ Davis
Nathan Wardner+AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan Wardner+ 0October 21, 18712404722143Garwin, Tama, Iowa, USA11July 13, 19602437129548832407Pico-Rivera, Los Angeles, California USA  MYESY100 
Nathan+ Davis
Nathan+AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan+ 0January 19, 1822
December 19, 1822
December 19, 1822
2386884193Marysville, Union, Ohio, United States of America
Warren, Ohio, United States of America
Green County, Ohio
88April 10, 1904
December 14, 1905
April 9, 1894
April 9, 1904
24165801118230031Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery. The Cemetary is located in Section 15 of Welton Township. Is is located in the northern part of Welton, which is know as Seventh Day Hill. There was a church there from 1855-1946. It is 120W by 250L. Row 3/Welton, Clinton, Iowa, United States of America
Welton, Clinton, Iowa, United States of America
Welton, Iowa
Welton, Clinton, Iowa, USA
Nathan+ Davis Sr.
Nathan+ Sr.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathan+ Sr. 0May 9, 1740
May 9, 1740
2356711274Mutation: DYS 391 = 10 rather than 11./Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America99October 17, 181423838992007427188Burial: SDB Church Cemetery, Salem, Harrison County, West Virginia/Salem, Doddridge, West Virginia, USA  MYESYES 
Nathaniel Davis
NathanielAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel 017552362243260Orange, New York, America11after 183023896361857527393Newburgh, New York USA  MYESYES 
Nathaniel Davis
NathanielAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel 017002342155315New Kent, New Kent, Virginia, United States11177123680872447125932Georgia, United States  MYESYES 
Nathaniel Davis
NathanielAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel 0April 17, 16502323817365St Michaels Parish, Devon, , England11171023458073055921808Hanover, Virginia, United States  MYESYESR
Nathaniel Davis
NathanielAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel 0February 1767
February 1767
2366488248Mount Sinai, Suffolk, New York, United States
Smithtown, Suffolk, New York, United States
00February 12, 185323978971628631422of, Suffolk, New York, United States  MYESYES 
Nathaniel E. Davis
Nathaniel E.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel E. 0about 1845239511517000yes2438944  -1  MYESY100 
Nathaniel Davis III
Nathaniel IIIAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel III 017832372470232Baltimore, Maryland, USA11181823852531973512783Richmond, Jefferson, Ohio, USA  MYESYESR
Nathaniel Robert Davis I
Nathaniel Robert IAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel Robert I 016502323893365St Michaels Parish, Devon, England99171023458073056021914Virginia New, Kent, England  MYESYES 
Nathaniel Robert "Black Davis Powhatan" Davis II
Nathaniel Robert IIAAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel Robert II 01676
2334850339Hanover, Virginia, United States
New Kent, New Kent, Virginia, United States
Hanover, New Kent, Virginia, United States
New Kent, New Kent, Virginia, United States
22September 5, 1771
23680872439534945Natchez, Adams, Mississippi, United States
Kentucky, United States
Nathaniel T. Davis
Nathaniel T.AAAADavisDavisAAAANathaniel T. 018512397306164Ohio, United States00yes2441135  -1  MYESY100 
Navy Davis
NavyAAAADavisDavisAAAANavy 0May 24, 1816238448419800July 21, 187824071871366222703Lawrence, Mississippi, United States  MYESYES 
Navy Jane Nancy Davis
Navy Jane NancyAAAADavisDavisAAAANavy Jane Nancy 0May 24, 18162384484198Robeson, North Carolina, United States00July 21, 187824071871366222703Lawrence, Mississippi, United States  FYESYES 
Naylor Davis
NaylorAAAADavisDavisAAAANaylor 0March 13, 18132383316202Cecil, Maryland, United States of America00November 20, 181523842981992982Died in Infancy/Cecil, Maryland, United States of America  MYESYES 
Naylor Davis
NaylorAAAADavisDavisAAAANaylor 01746
2360417269Prince George's, Maryland, USA
Prince Georges or Charles, Prince George's, Maryland, United States
Charles, Maryland, USA
Charles, Maryland, USA
Charles, Maryland, USA
44July 179823779632165219174Prince George's, Maryland, United States  MYESYES 
Neely Davis
NeelyAAAADavisDavisAAAANeely 0August 7, 18522397708162Greenbrier Run, Doddridge, West Virginia00April 13, 19212422793946825085  MYESY100 
Nehemiah Davis
NehemiahAAAADavisDavisAAAANehemiah 017342354573281Charles, Maryland, United States00December 179923784812156524075Fairfax County, Virginia  MYESYES 
Neil Everett Davis
Neil EverettAAAADavisDavisAAAANeil Everett 0July 26, 1936242837678Addison, Steuben, New York, United States55December 27, 19722441679423613303Corning, Steuben, New York, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Nella Davis
NellaAAAADavisDavisAAAANella 018622401324153Center, Emmet, Michigan, USA00yes2445153  -1  FYESY100 
Nellie Davis
NellieAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie 0August 26, 19032416353111Berea, Ritchie, West Virginia, United States of America00yes0  -1  FYESYES 
Nellie Davis
NellieAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie 0about 18562399132159New York, United States of America00yes2442961  -1  FYESY100 
Nellie Davis
NellieAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie 0July 7, 19092418495105Three Hills, , Alberta, Canada00April 13, 19812444708347126213Olds, , Alberta, Canada  FYESY100 
Nellie Davis
NellieAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie 0about 18782407168137Indiana, United States00yes2450997  -1  FYESY100 
Nellie B. Davis
Nellie B.AAAADavisDavisAAAANellie B. 0October 18, 1896241385111822September 29, 19732441955417628104  FYESY100 
Nellie B. Davis
Nellie B.AAAADavisDavisAAAANellie B. 0188224086291330019272425064884516435  FYESY100 
Nellie Christine Davis
Nellie ChristineAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Christine 0August 24, 18972414161117Texarkana, Arkansas66February 22, 19802444292358230131  FYESY100 
Nellie Eva Davis
Nellie EvaAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Eva 0December 18862410257128Kansas, United States of America00yes2453919  -1  FYESY100 
Nellie Eva Davis
Nellie EvaAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Eva 0about 1885240972513000yes2453554  -1  FYESY100 
Nellie Lucinda "Lucile" Davis
Nellie LucindaAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Lucinda 0September 5, 18962413808118Humboldt, Richardson, Nebraska, United States11April 11, 19552435209605821401McCook, Red Willow, Nebraska, United States  FYESY100 
Nellie Maud Davis
Nellie May Davis
Nellie MaudAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Maud 0November 1882
January 9, 1883
2408820132Kipton, Lorain, Ohio, USA
Kipton, Lorain, Ohio, USA
11November 28, 19632438362518129611Fitchville, Huron, Ohio, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nellie Maud Davis
Nellie May Davis
Nellie MayAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie May 0November 1882
January 9, 1883
2408820132Kipton, Lorain, Ohio, USA
Kipton, Lorain, Ohio, USA
11November 28, 19632438362518129611Fitchville, Huron, Ohio, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nellie May Davis
Nellie MayAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie May 0July 9, 18812408271133Fulton, Gratiot, Michigan0019472432369686523916Shiawassee, Michigan  FYESY100 
Nellie P. Davis
Nellie P.AAAADavisDavisAAAANellie P. 0December 15, 18952413543119Montra, Shelby County, OH00August 10, 19902448114249434571Sidney, Shelby County, OH  FYESY100 
Nellie Sophia Davis
Nellie SophiaAAAADavisDavisAAAANellie Sophia 0November 18, 18712404750143Lawrence, Kansas55June 16, 19542434910608230160Granbury, Texas  FYESY100 
Nelson Davis
NelsonAAAADavisDavisAAAANelson 0about 18252387810190Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America00yes2431639  -1  MYESY100R
Neri "Net" Davis
NeriAAAADavisDavisAAAANeri 0September 11, 1848239628216600January 27, 19322426734838330452  MYESY100 
Nettie Davis
NettieAAAADavisDavisAAAANettie 0January 16, 19132419784102Lee, Kentucky00December 9, 19962450427188330643Pinellas Park, Pinellas, Florida, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nettie (Spouse of David Clark) Davis
Nettie (Spouse of David Clark)AAAADavisDavisAAAANettie (Spouse of David Clark) 0about 18602400593155New York, United States of America00yes2444422  -1  FYESY100R
Nettie A. Davis
Nettie A.AAAADavisDavisAAAANettie A. 0September 15, 18892411261125Kansas, United States of America44May 15, 19702440722448029461Janesville, Rock, Wisconsin, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nettie J. Davis
Nettie J.AAAADavisDavisAAAANettie J. 018722404976143Iowa, United States of America00yes2448805  -1  FYESY100 
Nettie Louverne Davis
Nettie LouverneAAAADavisDavisAAAANettie Louverne 0August 18, 18722405024142Piqua, Ohio00December 5, 190024153591142810335Elmwood cemetery, Kansas City, MO  FYESYES 
Nettie Lucindy Davis
Nettie LucindyAAAADavisDavisAAAANettie Lucindy 0December 17, 18922412450122Indian Territory, USA00April 30, 19812444725338832275  FYESY100 
Nettie M. Davis
Nettie M.AAAADavisDavisAAAANettie M. 0September 4, 18812408328133Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America00February 21, 19202422376953814048Troupsburg, Steuben, New York, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nettie Pearl Davis
Nettie PearlAAAADavisDavisAAAANettie Pearl 0February 11, 19082417983107Clarksburg, Harrison, West Virginia, United States of America00March 12, 19642438467515620484Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio  FYESY100 
Nevada Davis
NevadaAAAADavisDavisAAAANevada 0June 10, 19102418833104Menifee, Kentucky, USA00September 17, 19822445230327226397  FYESY100 
Nevin Davis
NevinAAAADavisDavisAAAANevin 0December 30, 1925242451589Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States of America,22June 6, 19962450241187025726Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States of America,  MY100Y100 
Newman H. Davis
Newman H.AAAADavisDavisAAAANewman H. 0August 25, 1851239736016300January 2, 18642401873151124513Died young/  MYESYES 
Newton Davis
NewtonAAAADavisDavisAAAANewton 0June 5, 18342391070180Clark, Ohio, United States of America55June 25, 190324162911116925221North Loup, Valley, Nebraska, United States of America  MYESYES 
Newton F. Davis
Newton F.AAAADavisDavisAAAANewton F. 0December 10, 18622401485152Virginia, United States of America0019382429082777527415  MYESY100 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0August 28, 16902338560324Sandwich, Massachsuetts, America11October 7, 177523696452398531085Oblong, New York, United States  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 017422357495273Charles, Maryland, America22180523805052106323010Maysville, Mason, Kentucky, United States  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0about 1660232754535511March 6, 171823486112975821248Prince George's, Maryland, United States  MYESYESR
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 018272388540188Albany, New York, USA00yes2432369  -1  MYESY100 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0about 16912338868324Prince George's, Maryland, America11after 173523549382804416070  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0January 30, 17562362455259Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America00yes2406437  -1  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0February 14, 17592363566256Bedford, Bedford, Virginia, United States00June 16, 182923892551857025689Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tennessee, United States  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0May 13, 17692367307245Rochester, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States00yes2411186  -1  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 0about 1629231622338600yes2360052  -1  MYESYES 
Nicholas Davis
NicholasAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas 01595230380442000yes2347633  -1  MYESYES 
Nicholas Lewis Davis
Nicholas LewisAAAADavisDavisAAAANicholas Lewis 0May 28, 1879
May 28, 1869
2403846135of Missouri.00October 16, 19612437589538230091  MYESY100 
Nicodemus Davis
NicodemusAAAADavisDavisAAAANicodemus 0May 18532397990161Pendleton, West Virginia, United States of America00August 190224159781124917988  MYESYES 
Nina C. Davis
Nina C.AAAADavisDavisAAAANina C. 0December 18832409161131Indiana, United States of America00yes2452823  -1  FYESY100 
Nina D. Davis
Nina D.AAAADavisDavisAAAANina D. 0June 30, 1922242323692Zion Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, United States of America,00November 26, 2007245443178531195Bloomsburg, Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States of America  FY100Y100 
Noah A. Davis
Noah A.AAAADavisDavisAAAANoah A. 0June 18682403499146Illinois, United States of America33yes2447344  -1  MYESY100R
Noah Edward Davis
Noah EdwardAAAADavisDavisAAAANoah Edward 0October 17, 1876240654513800December 13, 19382429246766222701  MYESY100 
Noah Hammond Davis
Noah HammondAAAADavisDavisAAAANoah Hammond 0April 9, 17922375674223Long Beach, Long Island, Nassau, New York, United States of America00July 14, 182423874571903211783  MYESYES 
Noah L. Davis
Noah L.AAAADavisDavisAAAANoah L. 0August 1865
about 1865
2402420149Indiana, United States
Indiana, United States of America
44March 12, 19412430066747527616Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana, USA  MYESY100 
Nola DeVera Davis
Nola DeVeraAAAADavisDavisAAAANola DeVera 0May 5, 193324271988100March 18, 19702440664453613466  FY100Y100 
Anna Nora Belle Davis
Nora Anna Bell Davis
Nora Anna BellAAAADavisDavisAAAANora Anna Bell 0October 13, 18762406541138Arcata, Humboldt, California, USA22June 3, 19532434532617627991Agnew, Santa Clara, California, USA  FYESY100 
Nora D Davis
Nora DAAAADavisDavisAAAANora D 018852409725130Kansas00yes2453554  -1  FYESY100 
Nora E. (Spouse of Edwin Lewis) Davis
Nora E. (Spouse of Edwin Lewis)AAAADavisDavisAAAANora E. (Spouse of Edwin Lewis) 01878
about 1875
2406072137Ohio, United States of America
Ohio, United States of America
22yes2450997  -1  FYESY100R
Norah Samantha Davis
Norah SamanthaAAAADavisDavisAAAANorah Samantha 0February 13, 18842409220131McCullough Co, Texas00July 26, 19692440429458531209  FYESY100 
Norma Davis
NormaAAAADavisDavisAAAANorma 018772406803138New York, United States of America001877240680313800New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Norma Jean Davis
Norma JeanAAAADavisDavisAAAANorma Jean 0March 1, 193624282297900before October 2009245512157326877Source: Ruth M. Davis/  FY100Y100 
Norman Davis
NormanAAAADavisDavisAAAANorman 0about 194224305437300about 19432430908721365Died in Infancy/  MY100Y100 
Norman Bartrum Davis
Norman BartrumAAAADavisDavisAAAANorman Bartrum 0March 2, 19102418733105Michigan, United States of America1010July 17, 19782443707366824974Strongville, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA  MYESY100 
Norman Casset Davis
Norman CassetAAAADavisDavisAAAANorman Casset 0June 24, 18712404603143Reverend/22February 24, 19442431145717226542Cherry Fork, Adams, Ohio, United States of America  MYESY100R
Norman E. Davis
Norman E.AAAADavisDavisAAAANorman E. 0October 18912412022123Minnesota00after January 19202422340952810318  MYESY100 
Norman L. Davis
Norman L.AAAADavisDavisAAAANorman L. 01842239401917300187024042461452810227  MYESYES 
Norman Victor Davis
Norman VictorAAAADavisDavisAAAANorman Victor 0April 15, 19132419873102Oregon, United States of America44January 11, 19922448633237828760Multnomah, Oregon, United States of America  MYESY100 
Norman Wesley Davis
Norman WesleyAAAADavisDavisAAAANorman Wesley 0February 7, 18792407388136Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, America33April 4, 19402429724756122336  MYESY100 
Norvin Harry Davis
Norvin HarryAAAADavisDavisAAAANorvin Harry 0November 28, 18942413161120Buffalo, Wilson, Kansas, United States00October 17, 19702440877447527716Kingston, Marshall, Oklahoma, United States of America  MYESY100 
Numan Davis
NumanAAAADavisDavisAAAANuman 017772370279238Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States of America00yes2414108  -1  MYESYES