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Individuals with surname Babcock, E…

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Edith Babcock
EdithAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEdith 0April 25, 18552398699160Shanghai, Shanghai Shiqu, Shanghai, China00October 19, 185523988761590177American, Allen, Ohio, United States  FYESYES 
Edmond Babcock
EdmondAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEdmond 0March 22, 18882410719127Jackson Center, Shelby County, Ohio00May 19682439993478029259Daytona Beach Florida  MYESY100 
Edna Babcock
EdnaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEdna 0January 30, 18752405919140Harrison, Indiana, United States of America001875240607214000Died in Infancy/  FYESYES 
Edward Marcus Babcock
Edward MarcusAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEdward Marcus 0186824035151470019432430908727527393  MYESY100 
Edwin O. Babcock
Edwin O.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEdwin O. 0about 1857239949815800yes2443327  -1  MYESY100 
Eldon Elson Babcock
Eldon ElsonAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEldon Elson 0March 15, 18742405598141Township of Caledonia, Waupaca, Wisconsin00November 11, 19592436884558531286Waupaca County, Wisconsin USA  MYESY100 
Eleanor Babcock
EleanorAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEleanor 0June 29, 18772406800137Iowa, United States of America00yes2450632  -1  FYESY100 
Elesta Babcock
ElestaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElesta 0December 22, 18262388348188Harrison, Indiana, United States00December 17, 188424095281305721180Tatlor, Harrison, Indiana, United States  FYESYES 
Elias Babcock
EliasAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElias 0March 19, 18062380765209Stonington, New London County, CT, USA00March 19, 188124081591347527394Stonington, New London County, CT, USA  MYESYES 
Elias Lewis Babcock
Elias LewisAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElias Lewis 0December 8, 18242387604190Quonochontaug, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America33May 10, 190924184371058430833Hope Valley, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYES 
Elias Babcock Sr.
Elias Sr.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElias Sr. 0December 14, 17572363139257Voluntown, New London, Connecticut11yes2406803  -1  MYESYES 
Elihu Babcock
ElihuAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElihu 0December 19, 16752333194339Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America00yes2376853  -1  MYESYES 
Elihu Babcock
ElihuAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElihu 0July 19, 17462358973268Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut, America11after 179023750272254315872  MYESYES 
Elisha Babcock
ElishaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElisha 0May 18, 17182348684296South Kingstown, Kings, RI, (USA) (became Washington Co 1781)11180323797742128430908Richmond, Washington, RI, USA  MYESYES 
Elisha Spurr Babcock
Elisha SpurrAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElisha Spurr 0about 1806238087020900yes2424699  -1  MYESY100 
Eliza Babcock
ElizaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEliza 0about 1800237867921500yes2422507  -1  FYESY100 
Eliza Louise Babcock
Eliza LouiseAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEliza Louise 0December 25, 18512397482163Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio United States of America44June 18, 1914
June 12, 1914
24202961006222820Nortonville, Jefferson, Kansas, USA  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0about 16812335216334Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America00yes2379044  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 016742332659341Westerly, Kings County, Rhode Island11171623479982994215339  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0about 1671233156334400yes2375392  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0January 29, 1698
January 9, 1698
2341251317Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA
Stonington, New London, Connecticut, USA
55174023567642754115311Mar, Wayne, North Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0March 16, 17052343873310Kingstowne, Washington, Rhode Island, America11November 13, 175023605512644516678Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 016942339964321Tyringham, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA55September 18, 177823707222368430940Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island, USA  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0February 21, 17872373800228Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States of America00June 4, 185823998351567126035  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0January 15, 17592363536256North Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States of America00April 10, 183223902841837326748North Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States of America  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0February 8, 1691
February 8, 1691
2338724324Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America44172823523812873613475Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0October 30, 17682367112246Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America00yes2410820  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0May 6, 17292352690285Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island11September 24, 181523842411998631551Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 0about January 24, 18582399704157Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio, United States of America00about January 29, 1858239970915705Died in infancy/Jackson Center, Shelby, Ohio, United States of America  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Babcock
ElizabethAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth 017662366261249South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island00March 10, 181923855041965319425Alburgh, Grand Isle, Vermont  FYESYES 
Elizabeth (Spouse of Milton) Babcock
Elizabeth (Spouse of Milton)AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth (Spouse of Milton) 0about 18732405342142Wisconsin, United States of America33yes2449171  -1  FYESY100R
Elizabeth Ann Babcock
Elizabeth AnnAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth Ann 01810238233120522188524097251307527394  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Jane Babcock
Elizabeth JaneAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth Jane 0April 24, 18442394681171Shelby, Ohio, United States of America66November 29, 19272425214878330533Rifle, Garfield, Colorado, United States of America  FYESY100 
Elizabeth Martha Babcock
Elizabeth MarthaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElizabeth Martha 0January 16, 18382392391177North Hampton, Clark, OH33between 1900 and 192424195861156122630OH  FYESYES 
Ella Babcock
EllaAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElla 01854239840216100yes2442231  -1  FYESY100 
Ellen Watkins Babcock
Ellen WatkinsAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEllen Watkins 0February 1, 18512397155164Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, United States00190224159331135018596New York County, New York possibly where she was, California, United States  FYESYES 
Ellery Babcock
ElleryAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEllery 0November 27, 18112382844203Brookfield, Madison, New York, United States of America55May 4, 186524023611495319517Albion, Dane, Wisconsin, United States of America  MYESYES 
Elorus W. Babcock
Elorus W.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAElorus W. 0January 22, 18422393858173Brookfield, Madison Co., New York00February 22, 19312426395848932537  MYESY100 
Emeline Babcock
EmelineAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmeline 0July 14, 18132383439201Scott, Cortland, New York, United States of America00May 19, 185523987231594115284Scott, Cortland, New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Emenetta Jane Babcock
Emenetta JaneAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmenetta Jane 0July 18, 1864240207115000yes2445883  -1  FYESY100 
Emile Babcock
EmileAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmile 0about 1886241009012900yes2453919  -1  MYESY100 
Emilus W. Babcock
Emilus W.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmilus W. 0January 9, 18352391288180Brookfield, Madison, NY00after 190124155681146524098Living in Los Angeles, CA  MYESYES 
Emily Hammond Babcock
Emily HammondAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmily Hammond 0June 14, 18102382313204Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI., USA00May 23, 189024115111247929198  FYESYES 
Emma L. Babcock
Emma L.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEmma L. 0August 16, 18362391873178Brookfield, Madison Co., New York00yes2435656  -1  FYESY100 
Ennietta Eunice Babcock
Ennietta EuniceAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEnnietta Eunice 0October 31, 18742405828140Western, Nebraska, United States of America11January 1, 19532434379627828551Wills Point, Van Zandt, Texas, United States of America  FYESY100 
Enos Babcock
EnosAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEnos 0about 1830238963618500yes2433465  -1  MYESY100 
Ephraim Babcock
EphraimAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEphraim 0March 15, 1796237711021900yes2421046  -1  MYESY100 
Esther Babcock
EstherAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEsther 0February 18302389498185Clark, Ohio, United States of America11May 10, 18572399445157279960  FYESYES 
Ethel B. Babcock
Ethel B.AAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEthel B. 0October 6, 18852409821129Harrison, Indiana, United States of America00October 31, 19662439430488129609Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida, USA  FYESY100 
Eunice Babcock
EuniceAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEunice 0February 1, 18772406652138North Loup, Valley, Nebraska, United States of America00September 16, 187724068791370227  FYESYES 
Ezra Babcock
EzraAAAABabcockBabcockAAAAEzra 0September 16, 17692367433245Hopkinton, Kings, Rhode Island22July 26, 184423947741707427341Scott, Cortland, New York, USA  MYESYES