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(Father of Robt. T.) Wilkinson
(Father of Robt. T.)AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAA(Father of Robt. T.) 0about 18252387810190England11yes2431639  -1  MYESY100R
(First Spouse of Emily Smith) Wilkinson
(First Spouse of Emily Smith)AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAA(First Spouse of Emily Smith) 0about 1825238781019000yes2431639  -1  MYESY100R
(Mother of Robt. T.) Wilkinson
(Mother of Robt. T.)AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAA(Mother of Robt. T.) 0about 18302389636185New Jersey11yes2433465  -1  FYESY100R
(Spouse of Sarah Bucklew) Wilkinson
(Spouse of Sarah Bucklew)AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAA(Spouse of Sarah Bucklew) 0about 1765236589625000yes2409725  -1  MYESYESR
Barnett J. Wilkinson
Barnett J.AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAABarnett J. 018752406072140Iowa0018922412281123176209Nebraska  MYESYES 
Charles Edsel Wilkinson
Charles EdselAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAACharles Edsel 0April 13, 18912411836124Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska00yes2455745  -1  MYESY100 
Charles P. Wilkinson
Charles P.AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAACharles P. 0March 18642401947151Metcalfe, Kentucky, United States00June 30, 19292425793856523861  MYESY100 
Clarence Lacy Wilkinson
Clarence LacyAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAClarence Lacy 0December 30, 1928242561186Beaumont, Jefferson County, Texas00January 5, 19672439496483813885Prec 2, Calhoun County Airport, Caljoun county, Texas  MY100Y100R
Elizabeth Ann Wilkinson
Elizabeth AnnAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAElizabeth Ann 0March 17, 18582399756157Edmonton, Metcalfe, Kentucky, United States00June 12, 190324162781114516522  FYESYES 
Gilbert Wilkinson
GilbertAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAGilbert 018662402785149Nebraska00yes2446614  -1  MYESY100 
Gregg Mehlin Wilkinson
Gregg MehlinAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAGregg Mehlin 0May 28, 194624319696800November 6, 1963243834051176371Resthaven Gardens, Fort Collins, Colorado  MY100Y100 
Harvey Wilkinson
HarveyAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAHarvey 0August 18822408674132Illinois00yes2452458  -1  MYESY100 
Hattie Maude (Spouse of Robert Clyde) Wilkinson
Hattie Maude (Spouse of Robert Clyde)AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAHattie Maude (Spouse of Robert Clyde) 0about 18822408629133Illinois33yes2452458  -1  FYESY100R
Jesse Wilkinson
JesseAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAJesse 0May 8, 17972377529217Johnston, North Carolina, United States11June 1, 188024078681348330339Adair, Kentucky, United States  MYESYESR
John Dudley Wilkinson
John DudleyAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAJohn Dudley 0January 8, 18492396401166Adair County Kentucky88December 18, 1894
October 14, 1890
24116551204516780  MYESYES 
John Gilbert Wilkinson
John GilbertAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAJohn Gilbert 0May 23, 18652402380149Verdon, Richardson, Nebraska, United States00December 24, 18882410996126238616  MYESYES 
Julia Clyde Wilkinson
Julia ClydeAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAJulia Clyde 0about 19062417394109Oklahoma00before August 17, 20062453965810036753  FYESY100 
Julia Nancy Wilkinson
Julia NancyAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAJulia Nancy 0January 26, 18532397880162Edmonton, Metcalfe, Kentucky, United States00February 27, 19292425670867627790  FYESY100 
Laura Angela Wilkinson
Laura AngelaAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAALaura Angela 0March 21, 18682403413147Verdon, Richardson, Nebraska, United States00July 20, 19422430561727427148  FYESY100 
Louella Laura Wilkinson
Louella LauraAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAALouella Laura 0April 1, 18772406711138Page County Iowa00September 5, 19502433530647326819Humboldt, Richardson, Nebraska  FYESY100 
Nancy D. Wilkinson
Nancy D.AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAANancy D. 0March 18822408521133Nebraska00yes2452458  -1  FYESY100 
Olive W. Wilkinson
Olive W.AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAOlive W. 0July 18892411200125Nebraska00yes2455015  -1  FYESY100 
Robert Clyde Wilkinson
Robert ClydeAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARobert Clyde 0June 18782407151136Friendsville, Wabash County, Illinois33yes2450997  -1  MYESY100 
Robert Gilbert Wilkinson
Robert GilbertAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARobert Gilbert 0September 14, 18502397015164Edmonton, Metcalfe, Kentucky, United States00August 21, 19172421462976624447  MYESY100 
Robert Thomas Wilkinson
Robert ThomasAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARobert Thomas 0February 18502396803165Illinois22yes2440770  -1  MYESY100 
Robert Thomas Wilkinson
Robert ThomasAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARobert Thomas 0February 7, 19082417979107Ravia, Oklahoma22June 19812444771337326778Roby, Fisher County, Texas  MYESY100 
Robert W. Wilkinson
Robert W.AAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARobert W. 0February 18, 18862409956129Muddy Precinct, Richardson, Nebraska00March 29, 19512433735646523779  MYESY100 
Ruth Wilkinson
RuthAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAARuth 0January 31, 16852336525330Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, America11before 173823560342775219327  FYESYESR
Thomas Metcalfe Wilkinson
Thomas MetcalfeAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAThomas Metcalfe 0March 27, 18602400497155Edmonton, Metcalfe, Kentucky, United States00February 13, 19342427482817326985  MYESY100 
Wilbur Houston Wilkinson
Wilbur HoustonAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAWilbur Houston 0December 16, 1883
December 16, 1882
2408796131Liberty Precinct, Richardson, Nebraska44December 13, 19342427785805018624Auburn, Nemaha, Nebraska  MYESY100 
William Alexander Wilkinson
William AlexanderAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAWilliam Alexander 0April 15, 18802407821135Verdon, Richardson, Nebraska00October 14, 19462432108686624287  MYESY100 
William Neal Wilkinson
William NealAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAWilliam Neal 0February 4, 18562398984159Edmonton, Adair, Kentucky, United States00June 4, 19202422480946423496Antioch, Sheridan, Nebraska, United States  MYESY100 
William Robert Wilkinson
William RobertAAAAWilkinsonWilkinsonAAAAWilliam Robert 0September 17, 18172384965197Johnston, North Carolina, United States1010October 14, 189024116551247326690  MYESYES