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(1st Spouse of Mary Ann Riggs) Thompson
(1st Spouse of Mary Ann Riggs)AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAA(1st Spouse of Mary Ann Riggs) 0about 1800237867921500yes2422507  -1  MYESY100R
(Brother I of Jonas' Father) Thompson
(Brother I of Jonas' Father)AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAA(Brother I of Jonas' Father) 0about 17882374296227Ireland00yes2418124  -1  MYESYESR
(Brother II of Jonas' Father) Thompson
(Brother II of Jonas' Father)AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAA(Brother II of Jonas' Father) 0about 17902375027225Ireland00yes2418855  -1  MYESYESR
(Father of Jonas) Thompson
(Father of Jonas)AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAA(Father of Jonas) 0about 17862373566229Ireland11yes2417394  -1  MYESYESR
Abel K. Thompson
Abel K.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAAbel K. 0March 2, 17572362852258Mansfield Twp., Burlington Cty., NJ11July 3, 184023932901748330438Union City, Erie Cty, PA  MYESYES 
Abigail Thompson
AbigailAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAAbigail 0October 14, 1711234627630311yes2390001  -1  FYESYES 
Abigail Thompson
AbigailAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAAbigail 0November 10, 16672330233347Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA77June 24, 174723593132677929080Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States, ,  FYESYESR
Anna Thompson
AnnaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAAnna 0January 18562398965159Vermont00yes2442961  -1  FYESY100 
Anna Thompson
AnnaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAAnna 0September 4, 17072344775307Westerly, , Rhode Island, USA44January 10, 177523693752406724600Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Clarissa J Thompson
Clarissa JAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAClarissa J 0September 22, 18432394466171Claiborne, Tennessee, United States of America11January 3, 19202422327957627861Claiborne, Tennessee, United States of America  FYESY100 
Dennis Thompson
DennisAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAADennis 0March 27, 194224304467300December 8, 1963243837251217926Mountain View Cemetery, Rapid City, South Dakota  MY100Y100 
Ed Thompson
EdAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAEd 0about 1890241155112533yes2455380  -1  MYESY100R
Edna Thompson
EdnaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAEdna 0September 26, 1882240871513200yes2452458  -1  FYESY100R
Elizabeth Thompson
ElizabethAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAElizabeth 0before June 8, 18632401665151Vermont00yes2445518  -1  FYESY100 
Elizabeth Thompson
ElizabethAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAElizabeth 01596230416941911May 21, 164123205643734516577  FYESYESR
Elizabeth Thompson
ElizabethAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAElizabeth 0April 26, 1693233953232211September 3, 175623626722586323140  FYESYES 
Eunice Thompson
EuniceAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAEunice 0February 14, 17222350052293Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States of America1111January 21, 177723701172385420065Hartford, Windsor, Vermont, United States  FYESYESR
Henry Thompson
HenryAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAHenry 017292352747286Mansfield Twp, Burlington Cty., NJ11before July 7, 176023640752543111510Mansfield Twp, Burlington Cty., NJ  MYESYES 
Henry Thompson
HenryAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAHenry 0December 5, 16842336468330Yorkshire, West Riding, England11October 1, 173523550292795018561Mansfield Twp, Burlington Cty, NJ  MYESYESR
Henry Thompson
HenryAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAHenry 018052380505210South Carolina, United States of America11yes2424334  -1  MYESY100R
Isaac Thompson
IsaacAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAIsaac 0about 16762333389339Stonington, New London, Connecticut, America33August 22, 173823560852766222878Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America  MYESYESR
James Thompson
JamesAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJames 01776236991323900yes2413742  -1  MYESYESR
James Madison Thompson
James MadisonAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJames Madison 0July 12, 18122383072202Pennsylvania, USA11August 26, 188724105101277527438Hamilton County, Indiana, USA  MYESYESR
John Thompson
JohnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn 0before June 8, 18612400935153Vermont00yes2444788  -1  MYESY100 
John Thompson
JohnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn 0August 18, 17072344758307Mansfield Twp, Burlington Cty., NJ11before July 7, 175923637092555118951Mansfield Twp, Burlington Cty., NJ  MYESYES 
John Thompson
JohnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn 0about 1752236114726300yes2404976  -1  MYESYESR
John Thompson
JohnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn 0September 6, 1641232067237311yes2364435  -113 Feb 1692  MYESYESR
John Harley Thompson
John HarleyAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn Harley 0September 14, 18972414182117Bamberg Cty, SC11September 10, 19362428422783814240Aiken, Aiken Cty, SC  MYESY100 
John O. Thompson
John O.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJohn O. 018482396210167Bamberg, SC11yes2440039  -1  MYESY100 
Jonas Thompson
JonasAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJonas 0before June 8, 18162384499198Vermont77yes2428351  -1  MYESY100 
Jonas Thompson Jr.
Jonas Jr.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAJonas Jr. 0before June 8, 18652402396149Vermont00yes2446249  -1  MYESY100 
Karen Lee Thompson
Karen LeeAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAKaren Lee 0March 12, 1941243006674111963243821352217965  FY100Y100 
Kenneth Thompson
KennethAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAKenneth 0190824181241075519432430908723512784  MYESY100 
Kermit Niel Thompson
Kermit NielAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAKermit Niel 0September 25, 1914242040110066October 4, 19742442325406021924Riverview Cemetery, Dell Rapids, South Dakota  MYESY100 
Lucy Ann Thompson
Lucy AnnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAALucy Ann 0about 18252387810190New York, United States of America11yes2431639  -1  FYESY100R
Lucy M. Thompson
Lucy M.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAALucy M. 0about 18712404611144Vermont00yes2448440  -1  FYESY100 
Lulu Estelle Thompson
Lulu EstelleAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAALulu Estelle 0November 5, 18842409486130Ohio, United States of America11April 26, 19642438512517929026Peebles, Adams, Ohio, United States of America  FYESY100 
Luther I. Thompson
Luther I.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAALuther I. 0January 10, 18742405534141Bamberg Cty, SC11December 23, 19362428526786222992Augusta Infirmary, Augusta, GA  MYESY100 
Margaret Thompson
MargaretAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMargaret 0February 9, 18162384379199Wilmore, Jessamine, Kentucky, USA11December 22, 185223978451623613466Jessamine, Kentucky, USA  FYESYESR
Mark Stephen Thompson
Mark StephenAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMark Stephen 0April 10, 195824363045700September 26, 19582436473560169In infancy  MY100Y100 
Martha Thompson
MarthaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMartha 0November 18542398538160Vermont00yes2442231  -1  FYESY100 
Mary Thompson
MaryAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMary 0March 18, 17092345336306Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America11May 1, 174123570682733211732Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Mary Ann Thompson
Mary AnnAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMary Ann 01808238160020711April 186124008811545319449St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, United States  FYESYESR
Maryetta Thompson
MaryettaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMaryetta 0October 1, 18462395571168Abingdon, Illinois, USA55February 23, 19242423839917728268Galva, Illinois, USA  FYESY100R
Moses Thompson
MosesAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAMoses 0about 1737235566927800yes2399498  -1  MYESYESR
Nancy Thompson
NancyAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAANancy 0about 1815238415720011yes2427986  -1  FYESY100R
Nancy Charlotte "Lottie" Thompson
Nancy CharlotteAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAANancy Charlotte 0February 16, 18822408493133Harrison, Indiana, United States of America22October 1, 1962
October 1, 1962
2437939528029446Buried: Council Cemetery, York, York County, Nebraska./York, York County, Nebraska
York, York County, Nebraska, USA
Nathan H. Thompson
Nathan H.AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAANathan H. 0November 26, 1906241754110844April 4, 19752442507406824966Mountain View Cemetery, Rapid City, South Dakota  MYESY100 
Nels Thompson
NelsAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAANels 0July 8, 188324090001315519442431273716022091Riverview Cemetery, Dell Rapids, South Dakota  MYESY100R
Phebe (Spouse of Unknown) Thompson
Phebe (Spouse of Unknown)AAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAPhebe (Spouse of Unknown) 0about 1817238488819811yes2428717  -1  FYESY100R
Rebecca Thompson
RebeccaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAARebecca 01708234507630722179023750272258229951  FYESYESR
Robert Thompson
RobertAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAARobert 01650232389336511yes2367722  -1  MYESYESR
Sara Eveline Thompson
Sara EvelineAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASara Eveline 0before June 8, 18682403492146Morrisville, Vermont22May 9, 19412430124737226632Alameda, California  FYESY100 
Sarah Thompson
SarahAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASarah 0November 15, 17922375894222Union City, Erie County, Pa.11February 24, 186224011961536925302Deer Creek Township, Pa.  FYESYES 
Sarah Malinda Thompson
Sarah MalindaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASarah Malinda 0June 29, 18362391825178Tipton County Indiana11April 6, 191124191331047427308Tipton County Indiana  FYESYES 
Sarah Saphronia Thompson
Sarah SaphroniaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASarah Saphronia 0March 14, 1863240157915211yes2445518  -1  FYESY100 
Soloman Thompson
SolomanAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASoloman 0March 19, 1818238514819711December 7, 189324128051217527657Adams County, Ohio  MYESYES 
Susanna Thompson
Susannah Thompson
SusannaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASusanna 0November 25, 17132347049301Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America99June 10, 175123607602633713711died in childbirth/Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  FYESYES 
Susanna Thompson
SusannaAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASusanna 01607230818740811165423253543614717167  FYESYESR
Susanna Thompson
Susannah Thompson
SusannahAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAASusannah 0November 25, 17132347049301Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America99June 10, 175123607602633713711died in childbirth/Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  FYESYES 
Thomas Thompson
ThomasAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAThomas 0about 1750236041726511yes2404246  -1  MYESYESR
Vivian Desrie Thompson
Vivian DesrieAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAVivian Desrie 0April 5, 1919242205496Smoaks, Warren Twp, Colleton Cty, SC, USA11April 12, 19962450186197728132Leesburg Medical Center, Leesburg, Lake Cty, FL, USA  FY100Y100 
William Thompson
WilliamAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAWilliam 0about 16562326084359Of Dover00yes2369913  -1  MYESYESR
William Jack Thompson
William JackAAAAThompsonThompsonAAAAWilliam Jack 01785237320123011September 12, 184423948221705921803  MYESYES