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Abraham Stockwell
AbrahamAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAAbraham 0June 17382356017276Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts, America11December 1, 180623810222086825019Hartford, Washington, New York, America  MYESYES 
Amanda E. Stockwell
Amanda E.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAAmanda E. 018622401324153Gilmer Co, WV00yes2445153  -1WV  FYESY100 
Andrew Jackson Stockwell
Andrew JacksonAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAAndrew Jackson 0May 22, 18602400553154Westville, Franklin, New York, United States of America1313November 11, 1949
November 11, 1949
2433100658932679Morningside Cemetery/Malone, Franklin, New York, USA
Lake Titus Rd., Malone, NY
Dummerston, Windham, Vermont, United States
Benjamin (Bentley) Earl Stockwell
Benjamin (Bentley) EarlAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAABenjamin (Bentley) Earl 0August 16, 18912411961123Bombay, New York00September 28, 19512433918636021957Windham, Vermont  MYESY100 
Budgie Stockwell
BudgieAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAABudgie 0July 31, 19062417423108Braxton Co, WV00January 16, 19892447543268230120Grafton, Taylor Co, WV  MYESY100 
Carl Ray Stockwell
Carl RayAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAACarl Ray 0May 1, 18992414776115Bombay, Franklin, New York, USA00March 23, 19802444322358029546Putney, Windham, Vermont, United States  MYESY100 
Dorcas (Spouse of John) Stockwell
Dorcas (Spouse of John)AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAADorcas (Spouse of John) 01726235165128911yes2395480  -1  FYESYESR
Earl Wesley Stockwell
Earl WesleyAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAEarl Wesley 0September 4, 1921242293793Windham, Windham, Vermont, United States00June 22, 20012452083137929146Leesburg, Lake, Florida, United States  MY100Y100 
Ebenezer Stockwell
EbenezerAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAEbenezer 01702234288531311173823560342773613149  MYESYESR
Edmund Dexter Stockwell
Edmund DexterAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAEdmund Dexter 0October 12, 18962413845118Bombay, Franklin, New York, USA00December 4, 19892447865259334020Putney, Windham, Vermont, United States of America  MYESY100 
Edna Maude Stockwell
Edna MaudeAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAEdna Maude 0June 23, 18862410081128New York00November 1, 19422430665725620584  FYESY100 
Elisha Stockwell
ElishaAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAElisha 0March 6, 17902374909225Richmond, NH11May 28, 187124045761438129667Westville, Franklin, NY  MYESYES 
Elisha Stockwell
ElishaAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAElisha 0April 30, 18512397243163Death Record lists age as 4y 2m 8d. This is a calculated date./Barbour Co, VA, USA00July 8, 1855239877315941530Record of Death. Scarlet Fever/Barbour Co, VA, USA  MYESYES 
Elizabeth "Beshaba" Stockwell
ElizabethAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAElizabeth 0November 30, 18262388326188Barbour, West Virginia, USA00December 13, 190424168281107828502Record of Death Burial: S. Creek. Graveyard on Death Record Find A Grave Memorial # 45832299 Lists Little Bethel Church Cemetery, Meadowville/Philippi, Barbour, West Virginia, USA  FYESYES 
Elizabeth C. Stockwell
Elizabeth C.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAElizabeth C. 018582399863157Barbour Co, Wv00yes2443692  -1  FYESY100 
Flora Stockwell
FloraAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAFlora 018762406437139Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2450266  -1  FYESY100 
Florence Evelyn Stockwell
Florence EvelynAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAFlorence Evelyn 0April 16, 18942412935121Bombay, Franklin, NY USA00February 27, 19732441741427828806Unionville, Hartford, Connecticut, United States  FYESY100 
George Andrew Stockwell
George Stockwell
GeorgeAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAGeorge 0March 27, 18872410358128Bombay, Franklin, New York, United States of America66February 19672439536487929165Putney, Windham, Vermont, United States of America  MYESY100 
George Andrew Stockwell
George Stockwell
George AndrewAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAGeorge Andrew 0March 27, 18872410358128Bombay, Franklin, New York, United States of America66February 19672439536487929165Putney, Windham, Vermont, United States of America  MYESY100 
George W. Stockwell
George W.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAGeorge W. 0November 7, 18232387207191Westville, Franklin, New York, United States of America11October 17, 190424167711108029564Westville, Franklin, New York, United States of America  MYESYES 
Gladys Pearl Stockwell
Gladys PearlAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAGladys Pearl 0August 1, 19012415598113New York, United States00190424166631112883New York, United States  FYESYES 
Guy E Stockwell
Guy EAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAGuy E 0August 25, 19022415987112New York00January 22, 19922448644238932657Windsor, Windsor, Vermont, United States  MYESY100 
Harriet Ann Stockwell
Harriet AnnAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAHarriet Ann 0January 18702404079145Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2448075  -1  FYESY100 
Hazel J Stockwell
Hazel JAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAHazel J 0about 1928242542987002011245574548330316  FY100Y100 
Henry H. Stockwell
Henry H.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAHenry H. 018462395480169Barbour Co, VA, USA00November 5, 18642402181150186883Cemetery: Andersonville National Historical Site Buried At: Section H Site 11838/Andersonville Prisoner of War Camp, GA  MYESYES 
Howard D. Stockwell
Howard D.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAHoward D. 0January 22, 19012415407114Braxton Co, WV00August 19772443372377627950Kingwood, Preston Co, WV  MYESY100 
Hubert Francis Stockwell
Hubert FrancisAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAHubert Francis 0September 9, 1917242148197Frametown, Braxton Co, WV00October 19762443068385921572Jefferson, Kentucky Co, KY  MY100Y100 
Isaac Martin Stockwell
Isaac MartinAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAIsaac Martin 0February 18322390229183Randolph, Charlotte, Virginia, USA1515191024188551057728458  MYESYES 
James Stockwell
JamesAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJames 01726235165128911yes2395480  -1  MYESYESR
James French Stockwell
James FrenchAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJames French 0May 18692403834145Gilmer Co, WV1313May 23, 19242423929905520110Ivydale, Clay Co, WV  MYESY100 
James Lloyd Stockwell
James LloydAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJames Lloyd 0November 19, 19112419360103Frametown, Braxton Co, WV00July 21, 20002451747148832387St Petersburg, Pinellas Co, FL  MYESY100 
John Stockwell
JohnAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJohn 017552362243260Virginia, United States of America11February 184023931511758531076Monongalia, Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
John Junior Stockwell
John JuniorAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJohn Junior 0July 2, 18782407168136Glimer Co. Wv00May 23, 19242423929904516761WV  MYESY100 
Jonas S Stockwell
Jonas SAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJonas S 0November 13, 18352391596179Barbour, Orange, Virginia, USA00November 30, 19172421563978229967, Nicholas, West Virginia, USA  MYESY100 
Joseph Stockwell
JosephAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAJoseph 018032379774212Randolph Co, Va55188024078981357728124, Barbour, West Virginia, USA  MYESYES 
Leslie Don Stockwell
Leslie DonAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAALeslie Don 0May 1, 19072417697107Franklin County, New York, USA00September 30, 19882447435268129738Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA  MYESY100 
Louisa J. Stockwell
Louisa J.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAALouisa J. 018602400593155Barbour Co, Wv00yes2444422  -1  FYESY100 
Lucy A. Stockwell
Lucy A.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAALucy A. 0March 29, 18802407804135Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2451727  -1  FYESY100 
Mabel May Stockwell
Mabel MayAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMabel May 0January 16, 18892411019126Malone, Franklin, New York00November 14, 19502433600646122581Putney, Windham, Vermont, United States  FYESY100 
Margaret M. Stockwell
Margaret M.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMargaret M. 0February 18652402282150Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2446249  -1Webster Co, Wv  FYESY100 
Marjorie V Stockwell
Marjorie VAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMarjorie V 0about 1925242433490002011245574548631411  FY100Y100 
Martin Luther Stockwell
Martin LutherAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMartin Luther 0July 18672403164147Gilmer Co. Wv00February 21, 19402429681757226532WV  MYESY100 
Mary B. Stockwell
Mary B.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMary B. 0May 5, 18732405284141Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2449171  -1  FYESY100 
Michael French Stockwell
Michael FrenchAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMichael French 0September 5, 18752406137139Gilmer Co. Wv00yes2449901  -1WV  MYESY100 
Minnie M. Stockwell
Minnie M.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAMinnie M. 0May 20, 18812408221133Steer Run, Glimer Co. Wv00yes2452093  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ellen "Ella" Stockwell
Nancy EllenAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAANancy Ellen 0September 5, 18982414538116Braxton, Braxton, West Virginia, United States of America77June 22, 19592436742556022204Webster Springs, Webster, West Virginia, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nellie Lena Stockwell
Nellie LenaAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAANellie Lena 0August 1, 19012415598113Bombay, Franklin, New York, United States00August 8, 19882447382268731784Watertown, Jefferson, New York, United States  FYESY100 
Rachel M. Stockwell
Rachel M.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAARachel M. 018592400228156Barbour Co, Wv00yes2444057  -1  FYESY100 
Raymond George Stockwell
Raymond GeorgeAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAARaymond George 0August 11, 1919242218295Putney, Windham, Vermont00January 28, 20002451572158029390Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USA  MY100Y100 
Rhoda Ellen Stockwell
Rhoda EllenAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAARhoda Ellen 0December 7, 1922242339692Frametown, Braxton Co, WV00August 15, 2009245505958631663Front Royal, Warren Co, VA  FY100Y100 
Rosa R Stockwell
Rosa RAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAARosa R 0December 31, 1920242269094Braxton Co, WV00March 2, 192824253088772618Braxton Co, WV  FY100Y100 
Samuel Stockwell
SamuelAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAASamuel 0October 4, 18932412741121Braxton Co, WV00yes2456476  -1  MYESY100 
Stella Mae Stockwell
Stella MaeAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAStella Mae 0January 19042416496111Braxton Co, WV0019792444057367527394  FYESY100 
Susan R. Stockwell
Susan R.AAAAStockwellStockwellAAAASusan R. 0December 18572399665157Barbour Co, Wv00yes2443327  -1WV  FYESY100 
Thaddeus Stockwell
ThaddeusAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAThaddeus 0June 27, 17602364065254Sutton, Worcester, Massachusetts, America11January 20, 182223865511936122486Pillar Point, New York, United States of America  MYESYES 
Wesley J Stockwell
Wesley JAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAWesley J 0May 1, 19072417697107New York00June 28, 20002451724149334027Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States  MYESY100 
William Dexter Stockwell
William DexterAAAAStockwellStockwellAAAAWilliam Dexter 0December 4, 1917242156797Windham, Windham, Vermont, United States00November 20, 19962450408187828841Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, United States  MY100Y100