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(Spouse of John) Peckham
(Spouse of John)AAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAA(Spouse of John) 014792261436536Boxgrove, Sussex, England11156722935774488832141Donnington, Sussex, England  FYESYESR
Abel Peckham
AbelAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAAbel 0August 7, 17982377985216Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America00September 23, 186424021381506624153Albany, Green, Wisconsin, United States  MYESYES 
Braddock Peckham
BraddockAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAABraddock 01758236333925711183323907321827527393  MYESYESR
Daniel Peckham
DanielAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAADaniel 016922339233323Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America66177323688182428129585Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYES 
Daniel Peckham
DanielAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAADaniel 0September 25, 17262351736288Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States00yes2395480  -1Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYES 
Deborah Peckham
DeborahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAADeborah 0October 16532325095361Middletown, Newport, Rhode Island, United States11September 8, 174323579282718932848Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, United States  FYESYESR
Dorcas Peckham
DorcasAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAADorcas 0April 20, 17952376780220Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America0018092381966206135004  FYESYES 
Elizabeth PECKHAM
ElizabethAAAAPECKHAMPECKHAMAAAAElizabeth 014302243539585Wrotham, Kent, England22149322665505226323011Sussex, England  FYESYES 
Esther Peckham
EstherAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAEsther 0March 25, 17902374928225Charlestown, Washington Co., Rhode Island11May 30, 184223939861725219058Adams, Jefferson Co., New York  FYESYESR
Frances Peckham
FrancesAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAFrances 0February 8, 17992378170216Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America88November 2, 187924076561358029486Alfred, Allegany, New York, United States of America  FYESYESR
George Peckham
GeorgeAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAGeorge 014552252670560Boxgrove, Sussex, England1114812262167534269497Boxgrove, Sussex, England  MYESYESR
George Peckham
GeorgeAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAGeorge 017212349825294Westerly, Newport, Rhode Island, United States00October 26, 180723813512078631708New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States  MYESYES 
Hannah Peckham
HannahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHannah 017012342520314Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2386349  -1  FYESYES 
Hannah Peckham
HannahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHannah 0March 8, 18052380389210Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00185023969411654416370  FYESYES 
Hannah Peckham
HannahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHannah 0October 23, 17202349573294Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States00January 178523730342306423446Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States  FYESYES 
Harrison Peckham
HarrisonAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHarrison 0July 19, 18182385270196Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00January 16, 191024186881059133418Pownal, Bennington, Vermont, United States  MYESYES 
Henry Peckham
HenryAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHenry 0April 8, 15652292762450Sussex, England11November 1, 161623115973985118835Sussex, England  MYESYES 
Henry Peckham
HenryAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAHenry 0February 15, 15252278100490Sussex, England11yes2322067  -1  MYESYES 
James Peckham
JamesAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJames 0January 24, 17072344552308Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2388540  -1  MYESYES 
James Peckham
JamesAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJames 0November 14, 17362355439278Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America00181723848881988029267Charlestown, Washington, Rhode Island, United States  MYESYES 
James Reynolds PECKHAM
James ReynoldsAAAAPECKHAMPECKHAMAAAAJames Reynolds 014002232582615Kent, England11145422523055615419723Sussex, England  MYESYESR
Jean (Jane) Peckham
Jean (Jane)AAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJean (Jane) 0about 1704234361531111yes2387444  -1  FYESYESR
Jeremiah Peckham
JeremiahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJeremiah 0November 20, 16972341201317Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2384888  -1  MYESYES 
John Peckham
JohnAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJohn 0April 8, 15952303719420Boxgrove, Sussex, England44January 5, 168123350383348531319Middletown, Newport, Rhode Island, America  MYESYES 
John Peckham
JohnAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJohn 016452322067370Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2365896  -1  MYESYES 
John George Peckham Jr.
John George Jr.AAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJohn George Jr. 015002269106515Easthampnett, Sussex, England11156622932124496624106Donnington, Sussex, England  MYESYES 
John George Peckham Sr.
John George Sr.AAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJohn George Sr. 014722258879543Boxgrove, Sussex, England11152322775064925118627England  MYESYES 
Joshua Peckham
JoshuaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJoshua 0April 10, 17702367639245Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America1212April 14, 185123972271648129588Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States  MYESYESR
Joshua Peckham
JoshuaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJoshua 0March 11, 17972377471218Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America00March 29, 17972377489218018Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYES 
Judith Peckham
JudithAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAJudith 016812335216334Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, United States11173423545732815319357  FYESYESR
Katherine Peckham
KatherineAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAKatherine 017882374296227Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00yes2418124  -1Watertown, Jefferson, New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Mary Peckham
MaryAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAMary 01640
2320240375Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America88169523403293205520089Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Mary "Polly" Peckham
MaryAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAMary 018012379044214Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States77188324089941328229950Berlin, Green Lake, Wisconsin, United States  FYESYES 
Nancy Peckham
NancyAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAANancy 017902375027225Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00yes2418855  -1Verona, Oneida, New York, United States  FYESYES 
Nelson Abel Peckham
Nelson AbelAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAANelson Abel 0February 17, 17322353707283Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America11182523878101909233921Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  MYESYES 
Pauline Peckham
Paulina Peckham
PaulinaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAPaulina 0July 20, 18032379792211North Stonington, New London County, CT.77yes2423603  -1  FYESY100 
Pauline Peckham
Paulina Peckham
PaulineAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAPauline 0July 20, 18032379792211North Stonington, New London County, CT.77yes2423603  -1  FYESY100 
Rebecca Peckham
RebeccaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAARebecca 01785237320123011185924002281567427027  FYESYES 
Rebecca Peckham
RebeccaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAARebecca 0January 22, 18002378518215Groton City, Tompkins, New York, United States00January 21, 188324088321328230314Petersburg, Rensselaer, New York, United States  FYESYES 
Rebecca Peckham
RebeccaAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAARebecca 017682366991247Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America11May 9, 184923965221658129713Berlin, Rensselaer, New York, USA  FYESYES 
Samuel Peckham
SamuelAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAASamuel 018082381600207Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00February 188024077611357226329New Auburn, Sibley, Minnesota, United States  MYESYES 
Sarah Peckham
SarahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAASarah 0September 29, 17032343339311Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2387079  -1  FYESYES 
Sarah Peckham
SarahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAASarah 0March 5, 17942376369221Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America00November 19, 184423948901705018521Scott, Cortland, New York, United States of America  FYESYES 
Sarah Peckham
SarahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAASarah 0August 31, 17292352807285Westerly, Kings, Rhode Island, United States00October 27, 17512360899263228092Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, United States of America  FYESYES 
Stephen Stetson Peckham
Stephen StetsonAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAStephen Stetson 0May 4, 18032379715211Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States00November 2, 188324091171318029402Grafton, Rensselaer, New York, United States  MYESYES 
Thomas Peckham
ThomasAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAThomas 016392319875376Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island, America77170923454423067025567Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America  MYESYES 
Thomas Peckham
ThomasAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAThomas 0August 19, 16932339647321Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2383427  -1  MYESYES 
Thomas Hazard Peckham
Thomas HazardAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAThomas Hazard 0July 1766236627524811December 1, 182223868661925620606Most people have Sept 1822. I am using date on his headstone/North Stonington, New London, Connecticut  MYESYESR
Uriah Peckham
UriahAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAUriah 0November 20, 16972341201317Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2384888  -1  MYESYES 
William Peckham
WilliamAAAAPeckhamPeckhamAAAAWilliam 016472322797368Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, America00yes2366626  -1  MYESYES