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Adolphus Jefferson Liner
Adolphus JeffersonAAAALinerLinerAAAAAdolphus Jefferson 018562399132159Meigs, Tennessee, USA0018802407898135248766  MYESYES 
Almira Elizabeth Liner
Almira ElizabethAAAALinerLinerAAAAAlmira Elizabeth 0November 20, 18152384298199White County, Tennessee, USA00September 15, 189724141831178129885Hiwassee, McMinn, Tennessee  FYESYES 
Amanda Caroline Liner
Amanda CarolineAAAALinerLinerAAAAAmanda Caroline 018322390366183, , Georgia, USA00yes2434195  -1  FYESY100 
Ann Liner
AnnAAAALinerLinerAAAAAnn 018542398402161Alabama or Texas00yes2442231  -1  FYESY100 
Anna Graham Liner
Anna GrahamAAAALinerLinerAAAAAnna Graham 018782407168137Texas00yes2450997  -1  FYESY100 
Arnold Liner
ArnoldAAAALinerLinerAAAAArnold 0October 27, 18912412033123McMinn, Tennessee, United States33August 20, 19672439723477527690Chattamooga, Tennessee, United States  MYESY100 
Arnold Howard Liner
Arnold HowardAAAALinerLinerAAAAArnold Howard 0192524243349000193224268908372556  MY100Y100 
Belle Liner
BelleAAAALinerLinerAAAABelle 0about 1882240862913300yes2452458  -1  FYESY100 
Burnola Vanolia Liner
Burnola VanoliaAAAALinerLinerAAAABurnola Vanolia 0March 25, 18932412548122McMinn, Tennessee, United States00June 27, 19692440400457627852Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee  FYESY100 
Carroll Clemons Liner
Carroll ClemonsAAAALinerLinerAAAACarroll Clemons 0September 12, 18242387517190White, Tennessee00September 23, 190324163811117928864McMinn, Tennessee  MYESYES 
Charles C. "Charlie" Liner
Charles C.AAAALinerLinerAAAACharles C. 0June 11, 18752406051139Tennessee, USA00yes2449901  -1  MYESY100 
Charles Marion Liner
Charles MarionAAAALinerLinerAAAACharles Marion 0December 1, 18182385405196Georgia, United States of America66September 21, 186624028661484717461Potter, Polk, Arkansas, United States of America  MYESYESR
Christopher Albert Liner
Christopher AlbertAAAALinerLinerAAAAChristopher Albert 018262388175189CSA, Walton, Georgia, USA00186024005931553412418, Warwickshire, , England  MYESYES 
Christopher Columbus Liner
Christopher ColumbusAAAALinerLinerAAAAChristopher Columbus 0November 12, 18562399266158Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States00January 26, 19292425638867226372Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee, United States  MYESY100 
Christopher Dickson (Lyner) Liner Sr.
Christopher Dickson (Lyner) Sr.AAAALinerLinerAAAAChristopher Dickson (Lyner) Sr. 0September 1, 17632365226251Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, USA44August 3, 183623918601787226634De Kalb, Georgia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Christopher Dickson Liner Jr.
Christopher Dickson Jr.AAAALinerLinerAAAAChristopher Dickson Jr. 0May 12, 17932376072221Franklin, Georgia, United States1515April 18, 187524059971408129925Tallapoosa, Haralson, Georgia, United States  MYESYES 
Clarinda Liner
ClarindaAAAALinerLinerAAAAClarinda 0February 17, 18172384753198White, Tennessee, USA00February 28, 190424165391118731786McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica  FYESYES 
Clyde Mitchell Liner
Clyde MitchellAAAALinerLinerAAAAClyde Mitchell 0July 31, 19082418154106Tennessee00September 15, 19722441576426423422Tennessee  MYESY100 
Edna Liner
EdnaAAAALinerLinerAAAAEdna 01921242287394Bradley County, Tennessee00August 16, 2008245469568732004Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee  FY100Y100 
Elbert Washington Liner
Elbert WashingtonAAAALinerLinerAAAAElbert Washington 0October 22, 18512397418163, Carroll, Georgia, USA00February 6, 188824106741273613256, Haralson, Georgia, USA  MYESYES 
Elisabeth Ruth Liner
Elisabeth RuthAAAALinerLinerAAAAElisabeth Ruth 0August 14, 18142383835200, Haywood, North Carolina, USA00186124009591544616942, Haywood, North Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Eliza Katherine Liner
Eliza KatherineAAAALinerLinerAAAAEliza Katherine 018122383061203Bunscombe, North Carolina, United States00187424057071416222646  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Katherine Liner
Elizabeth KatherineAAAALinerLinerAAAAElizabeth Katherine 0November 25, 1832239051318200yes2434195  -1  FYESY100 
Emiline Liner
EmilineAAAALinerLinerAAAAEmiline 018492396576166Tennessee, USA00yes2440405  -1  FYESY100 
Felix Liner
FelixAAAALinerLinerAAAAFelix 0January 19, 18992414674116to Melissa Elaine Greene (2nd great grandfather)/McMinn, Tennessee55October 13, 19852446352298631678Riceville, McMinn, Tennessee 37370  MYESY100 
Frances Marion Liner
Frances MarionAAAALinerLinerAAAAFrances Marion 0December 5, 18362391984178White, Tennessee, USA00September 3, 191324200141017628030Benton, Arkansas, USA  MYESYES 
Francis Marion Liner
Francis MarionAAAALinerLinerAAAAFrancis Marion 018182385253197White, Tennessee, United States00yes2429082  -1  FYESY100 
Frank Liner
FrankAAAALinerLinerAAAAFrank 01834239109718100yes2434926  -1  MYESY100 
George Washington Liner
George WashingtonAAAALinerLinerAAAAGeorge Washington 0July 22, 18522397692162Texas, United States of America00June 2, 19152420651996222959Gann Cemetery/Cove, Polk, Arkansas, United States of America  MYESYES 
Henrietta "Hettie" Liner
HenriettaAAAALinerLinerAAAAHenrietta 0August 1880240794413400yes2451727  -1  FYESY100 
Henry Liner
HenryAAAALinerLinerAAAAHenry 0May 4, 18342391038180, Haywood, North Carolina, USA00June 13, 190524170101097125972, Haywood, North Carolina, USA  MYESYES 
Henry Adam (Lyner) Liner
Henry Adam (Lyner)AAAALinerLinerAAAAHenry Adam (Lyner) 017612364435254Staunton, Augusta, Virginia, United States00180323797742124215339Franklin County, GA  MYESYES 
Henry Grady Liner
Henry GradyAAAALinerLinerAAAAHenry Grady 0April 27, 18942412946120McMinn, Tennessee, United States00October 1, 19912448531239735585Walker, Georgia, United States  MYESY100 
James Madison Liner
James MadisonAAAALinerLinerAAAAJames Madison 0December 20, 18292389442185Tallapoosa, Carroll, Georgia, USA00January 30, 188224084761335219034Vienna, Lincoln, Louisiana, USA  MYESYES 
James Ray "Jim" Liner
James RayAAAALinerLinerAAAAJames Ray 0October 6, 194624321006800August 27, 2011245580136423701Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee  MY100Y100 
James S. Liner
James S.AAAALinerLinerAAAAJames S. 0May 19, 18182385209196, Haywood, North Carolina, USA00187324053421425419951, Robertson, Texas, USA  MYESYES 
James Smith Liner Jr
James Smith JrAAAALinerLinerAAAAJames Smith Jr 0April 25, 18202385916195White, Tennessee00July 18, 188624101061286624190McMinn County, Tennessee, USA  MYESYES 
James Smith Liner Sr
James Smith SrAAAALinerLinerAAAAJames Smith Sr 017862373566229Washington, Wilkes, Georgia, United States1616March 23, 185723993971587126013McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica  MYESYES 
Jerimiah Liner
JerimiahAAAALinerLinerAAAAJerimiah 0April 23, 18222386644193, , North Carolina, USA00190624173941098330568  MYESYES 
John C. Liner Jr.
John C. Jr.AAAALinerLinerAAAAJohn C. Jr. 0December 16, 1816238469019800188024078981356323026  MYESYES 
John C. Liner Sr.
John C. Sr.AAAALinerLinerAAAAJohn C. Sr. 0August 1, 17912375422223to Rebecca Sheriff (7th great grandfather)/Franklin, Georgia, United States1414August 27, 188024079551348932533Waynesville, Haywood, North Carolina, United States  MYESYES 
John M Liner
John MAAAALinerLinerAAAAJohn M 018312390001184CSA, Walton, Georgia, USA00August 9, 186224013621523111543, , Virginia, USA  MYESYES 
John W Liner
John WAAAALinerLinerAAAAJohn W 018232387079192White County, Tennessee, USA00March 22, 192824253288710538431Philadelphia, Monroe, Tennessee  MYESY100 
Jordan Talefarro Liner
Jordan TalefarroAAAALinerLinerAAAAJordan Talefarro 0April 17, 1927242498888Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America00March 9, 19842445769315620781Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America  MY100Y100 
Jourden T. Liner
Jourdan T. Liner
Jourdan T.AAAALinerLinerAAAAJourdan T. 0June 15, 18442394733170Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica33November 28, 19372428866779334133Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, United States of America  MYESY100 
Jourden T. Liner
Jourdan T. Liner
Jourden T.AAAALinerLinerAAAAJourden T. 0June 15, 18442394733170Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica33November 28, 19372428866779334133Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, United States of America  MYESY100 
Leander Liner
LeanderAAAALinerLinerAAAALeander 0November 15, 18272388676187, , North Carolina, USA00190524170291107728171  MYESYES 
Lucinda Liner
LucindaAAAALinerLinerAAAALucinda 018482396210167, Haywood, North Carolina, USA00yes2440039  -1  MYESY100 
Malinda J Liner
Malinda JAAAALinerLinerAAAAMalinda J 018372392193178Tallapoosa, Carroll, Georgia, USA0019302426160859333967, , Georgia, USA  FYESY100 
Margaret Liner
MargaretAAAALinerLinerAAAAMargaret 018392392923176, Carroll, Georgia, USA0018502396941165114018  FYESYES 
Marion Liner
MarionAAAALinerLinerAAAAMarion 018322390366183McMinn, Tennessee00yes2434195  -1  MYESY100 
Martha Liner
MarthaAAAALinerLinerAAAAMartha 018292389271186McMinn County, Tennessee, USA00August 1, 190424166941107527605  MYESYES 
Martha C. "Mattie" Liner
Martha C.AAAALinerLinerAAAAMartha C. 018592400228156Hopkins Co. Texas00yes2444057  -1  FYESY100 
Martha E Liner
Martha EAAAALinerLinerAAAAMartha E 0March 26, 18302389538185Hiwassee, McMinn, Tennessee00August 8, 190424167011107427163McMinn, Tennessee  FYESYES 
Mary Liner
MaryAAAALinerLinerAAAAMary 018402393288175, , North Carolina, USA00yes2437117  -1  FYESY100 
Mary Ann ( Polly) Liner
Mary Ann ( Polly)AAAALinerLinerAAAAMary Ann ( Polly) 018092381966206Buncomb, North Carolina, United States00August 20, 189524134261198631642Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee  FYESYES 
Mary B. "Polly" Liner
Mary B.AAAALinerLinerAAAAMary B. 017952376853220Franklin, Georgia, United States00August 8, 185623991701586122499Carroll, Georgia, United States  FYESYES 
Mary Elizabeth Liner
Mary ElizabethAAAALinerLinerAAAAMary Elizabeth 0February 18342390959181, , Mississippi, USA00July 19172421426978330465  FYESY100 
Mary Emaline Liner
Mary EmalineAAAALinerLinerAAAAMary Emaline 0July 4, 18562399135158Texas00May 11, 189224122301223513095Talihina, LeFlore, OK (Choctaw Nation)  FYESYES 
Maude Talitha Liner
Maude TalithaAAAALinerLinerAAAAMaude Talitha 0March 7, 18962413626119McMinn, Tennessee00January 15, 19872446811289033185McDonald, Bradley County, Tennessee  FYESY100 
Mayes Quitman Liner
Mayes QuitmanAAAALinerLinerAAAAMayes Quitman 0October 20, 18462395590168, Carroll, Georgia, USA00September 1, 19192422203957226613, Haralson, Georgia, USA  MYESY100 
Mildred Sarah Daley
Mildred Liner
MildredAAAALinerLinerAAAAMildred 0November 25, 1907
2418124107Stone Dam, Herkimer, New York, USA
55March 9, 19992451247169133342McDonald, Bradley, Tennessee. United States of America  FYESY100 
Miles Whitman Liner
Miles WhitmanAAAALinerLinerAAAAMiles Whitman 0May 26, 18382392521176Tallapoosa, Carroll, Georgia, USA00May 1, 190424166021106524081Tallapoosa, Haralson, Georgia, USA  MYESYES 
Myrtle Dove Liner
Myrtle DoveAAAALinerLinerAAAAMyrtle Dove 0December 8, 18972414267117McMinn, Tennessee00November 26, 189824146201160353McMinn, Tennessee  FYESYES 
Nancy Liner
NancyAAAALinerLinerAAAANancy 0December 15, 18252387976189, , North Carolina, USA00191024188551058430697, , North Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Nancy E Liner
Nancy EAAAALinerLinerAAAANancy E 018142383792201White, Tennessee00June 5, 185323980101613914400McMinn, Tennessee  FYESYES 
Naomi Matilda Attellia Liner
Naomi Matilda AttelliaAAAALinerLinerAAAANaomi Matilda Attellia 018482396210167, Carroll, Georgia, USA0019352427986808731776  FYESY100 
Opal Liner
OpalAAAALinerLinerAAAAOpal 0October 1, 1922242332992Bradley County, Tennessee00December 23, 20042453363108230034North Augusta, South Carolina  FY100Y100 
Oswell Merrell "OM" "Ozzie" Liner
Oswell MerrellAAAALinerLinerAAAAOswell Merrell 0May 11, 18072381183207Buncombe, North Carolina, United States1717January 1, 189924146561169133473Calhoun, McMinn, Tennessee, United States  MYESYES 
Oswell Merrill Liner Jr.
Oswell Merrill Jr.AAAALinerLinerAAAAOswell Merrill Jr. 01870240424614500yes2448075  -1  MYESY100 
Patterson Liner
PattersonAAAALinerLinerAAAAPatterson 0October 31, 19032416419111Tennessee00September 9, 190424167331100314Tennessee  MYESYES 
Phebe Jane Liner
Phebe JaneAAAALinerLinerAAAAPhebe Jane 0February 3, 1831238985218400yes2433830  -1  FYESY100 
Phillip Ray Liner
Phillip RayAAAALinerLinerAAAAPhillip Ray 0October 9, 1927242516387Riceville, McMinn, Tennessee, United States of America33August 13, 19782443734365018571Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee 37311  MY100Y100 
Phoebe J Liner
Phoebe JAAAALinerLinerAAAAPhoebe J 018272388540188McMinn, Tennessee, United States of Ameica00yes2432369  -1  FYESY100 
Polly Liner
PollyAAAALinerLinerAAAAPolly 0April 25, 18422393951173, , North Carolina, USA00February 6, 189224121351234918184, Jackson, North Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Rebecca Liner
RebeccaAAAALinerLinerAAAARebecca 01840239328817500yes2437117  -1  FYESY100 
Rebecca Liner
RebeccaAAAALinerLinerAAAARebecca 018292389271186, , North Carolina, USA00yes2433100  -1  FYESY100 
Rebecca Liner
RebeccaAAAALinerLinerAAAARebecca 0December 18462395647168to Kenneth Parham/Alabama, United States55190624173941095921580Potter, Polk, Arkansas, United States of America  FYESYES 
Rebecca Eveline Liner
Rebecca EvelineAAAALinerLinerAAAARebecca Eveline 0December 1, 18342391249180Tennessee, USA00yes2434926  -1  FYESY100 
Robert Ernest Lee Liner
Robert Ernest LeeAAAALinerLinerAAAARobert Ernest Lee 0August 10, 18672403189147Hiwassee, McMinn, Tennessee1414October 4, 19442431368707728179Buried in Charleston Cemetery./Charleston, Bradley County, Tennessee  MYESY100 
Samuel Jordan Liner
Samuel JordanAAAALinerLinerAAAASamuel Jordan 0September 5, 18872410520127(born: Louisville, Kentucky?)/Hillsboro, Hill, Texas, United States of America22May 20, 1962
May 20, 1962
2437805527427285Hill, Texas
Hill, Texas (date & location?)
Samuel Stephenson Liner
Samuel StephensonAAAALinerLinerAAAASamuel Stephenson 0June 8, 19052417005109Tennessee00December 10, 19772443488377226483Charleston, Bradley, Tennessee, United States  MYESY100 
Simeon Bennett Liner
Simeon BennettAAAALinerLinerAAAASimeon Bennett 0May 29, 18322390333182Tallapoosa, Carroll, Georgia, USA00February 17, 186224011891532910856Mobile, , Alabama, USA  MYESYES 
Sterling Floyd Liner
Sterling FloydAAAALinerLinerAAAASterling Floyd 0January 6, 1863240151215200yes2445518  -1  MYESY100 
Susan Elizabeth Liner
Susan ElizabethAAAALinerLinerAAAASusan Elizabeth 0April 10, 1839239284017600yes2436752  -1  FYESY100 
Sydney Oswell Liner
Sydney OswellAAAALinerLinerAAAASydney Oswell 018522397671163Meigs, Tennessee, USA00189224122811234014610  MYESYES 
Tellefore Liner
TelleforeAAAALinerLinerAAAATellefore 018432394384172, Carroll, Georgia, USA001850239694116572557  FYESYES 
Tennta Liner
TenntaAAAALinerLinerAAAATennta 018402393288175, Carroll, Georgia, USA0018502396941165103653  FYESYES 
Texan Liner
TexanAAAALinerLinerAAAATexan 0July 24, 18722404999142Tennessee, USA00January 25, 19522434037637929038  FYESY100 
Thomas Liner
ThomasAAAALinerLinerAAAAThomas 018372392193178, , North Carolina, USA00yes2436022  -1  MYESY100 
Vinala Liner
VinalaAAAALinerLinerAAAAVinala 0March 25, 18932412548122Tennessee00June 27, 19692440400457627852Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee, United States of America  FYESY100 
William Liner
WilliamAAAALinerLinerAAAAWilliam 018202385983195, , North Carolina, USA00yes2429812  -1  MYESY100 
William Crowe Liner
William CroweAAAALinerLinerAAAAWilliam Crowe 018492396576166Tennessee, USA00185023969411651365  MYESYES 
William Marion Liner
William MarionAAAALinerLinerAAAAWilliam Marion 018652402420150Hopkins Co. TX00yes2446249  -1  MYESY100 
Wyatt V Liner
Wyatt VAAAALinerLinerAAAAWyatt V 018362391827179CSA, Carroll, Georgia, USA00June 7, 186424020301502810385, , Virginia, USA  MYESYES 
Zenna Lee Liner
Zenna LeeAAAALinerLinerAAAAZenna Lee 0March 26, 19022415835113Tennessee00March 6, 1919242202496166189Tennessee  FYESY100 
Zula Crowe Liner
Zula CroweAAAALinerLinerAAAAZula Crowe 018802407898135Texas00yes2451727  -1  FYESY100