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(Father of Robert) Hill
(Father of Robert)AAAAHillHillAAAA(Father of Robert) 0about 1590230197842522yes2345807  -1  MYESYESR
Abraham Hill
AbrahamAAAAHillHillAAAAAbraham 0December 3, 17992378468215Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States00January 6, 187124044341447125966Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Albert Hill
AlbertAAAAHillHillAAAAAlbert 0January 18802407731135West Virginia, United States00yes2451727  -1  MYESY100 
Alice Hill
AliceAAAAHillHillAAAAAlice 013962231121619Shilston, Devon, , England00yes2274949  -1  FYESYES 
Ambrose Powell Hill
Ambrose PowellAAAAHillHillAAAAAmbrose Powell 0about 1825238781019000yes2431639  -1  MYESY100R
Ann Hill
AnnAAAAHillHillAAAAAnn 0about 1625231476239022yes2358591  -1  FYESYESR
Anna Hill
AnnaAAAAHillHillAAAAAnna 01765236589625000yes2409725  -1  FYESYES 
Bernard Hill
Barnard Hill
BarnardAAAAHillHillAAAABarnard 0about 1820238598319511yes2429812  -1  MYESY100R
Benjamin Hill
BenjaminAAAAHillHillAAAABenjamin 0December 13, 17612364599253Halifax, North Carolina, United States00yes2408264  -1  MYESYES 
Benjamin Franklin Hill
Benjamin FranklinAAAAHillHillAAAABenjamin Franklin 0January 23, 18412393494174North Carolina, United States of America00July 30, 18602400622154197128  MYESYES 
Benjamin H. Hill
Benjamin H.AAAAHillHillAAAABenjamin H. 0January 18912411749124North Carolina00yes2455745  -1  MYESY100 
Bernard Hill
Barnard Hill
BernardAAAAHillHillAAAABernard 0about 1820238598319511yes2429812  -1  MYESY100R
Bertha M. Hill
Bertha M.AAAAHillHillAAAABertha M. 0about 18822408629133Michigan, United States of America00yes2452458  -1Kalkaska, Michigan, United States of America  FYESY100 
Carrie Hill
CarrieAAAAHillHillAAAACarrie 0about 1883240899413200yes2452823  -1  FYESY100 
Castello W. Hill
Castello W.AAAAHillHillAAAACastello W. 0May 16, 18522397625162Andover, Allegany, New York, United States of America00about 19282425429877527622Nebraska, United States of America  MYESY100 
Catherine Hill
CatherineAAAAHillHillAAAACatherine 017892374662226Virginia, United States of America00188724104551289835793Lawrence, Lawrence, Ohio, United States  FYESYES 
Cloyer Hill
CloyerAAAAHillHillAAAACloyer 01748235968626700yes2403515  -1  MYESYES 
Daidi Deidama Hill
Daidi DeidamaAAAAHillHillAAAADaidi Deidama 01774236918324100183823925581776423375  FYESYES 
Daniel Hostler Hill
Daniel HostlerAAAAHillHillAAAADaniel Hostler 0February 16, 18952413241120Tennessee00June 15, 19712441118437627877Kingsley, Grand Traverse Co., MI  MYESY100 
David Donaldson Hill
David DonaldsonAAAAHillHillAAAADavid Donaldson 0October 28, 18602400712154Flemmingsburg, Fleming Co, KY99August 18, 19372428764777628052Montmorency Co., MI  MYESY100 
Della Hill
DellaAAAAHillHillAAAADella 0May 2, 18452395054169Randolph, North Carolina, United States of America00May 17, 19242423923907928869New Market, Randolph, North Carolina, United States  FYESY100 
Dorothy Hill
DorothyAAAAHillHillAAAADorothy 01522227714149322yes2320971  -1  FYESYES 
Edith Hill
EdithAAAAHillHillAAAAEdith 0about May 19012415521113Michigan, United States of America0019712441135446925447Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CA  FYESY100 
Edward Hill
EdwardAAAAHillHillAAAAEdward 015902301978425England11May 15, 166423289593507427163Elizabeth City, Virginia, America  MYESYES 
Edward B. Hill
Edward B.AAAAHillHillAAAAEdward B. 0May 18702404199144Kanawha City, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America00yes2448075  -1  MYESY100 
Edward Hill I
Edward IAAAAHillHillAAAAEdward I 0about 16052307457410Shirley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia11166323286413525821184Charles City, Virginia  MYESYES 
Edward Hill II
Edward IIAAAAHillHillAAAAEdward II 016372319145378Shirley, Charles City, Virginia11November 30, 170023423063146323343Shirley, Charles City, Virginia  MYESYES 
Edward Hill III
Edward IIIAAAAHillHillAAAAEdward III 016502323893365Shirley, Charles City, Virginia22172623516512897627758Shirley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia  MYESYES 
Eleanor Hill
EleanorAAAAHillHillAAAAEleanor 0about 14622255227553Houndstone, Somerset, England00yes2299056  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 0about 14222240617593Spaxton, Somersetshire, England11yes2284446  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 0about 1464225595755100yes2299786  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 017032343250312Shirley, Charles City, Virginia33177123680872446824837Corotoman, Lancaster, Virginia  FYESYES 
Elizabeth HILL
ElizabethAAAAHILLHILLAAAAElizabeth 0about 14342245000581Shilston, Devon, England22yes2288829  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 0September 7, 17902375094224Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States00188024078981358932622Brufleys Creek, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 01762236480025300yes2408629  -1  FYESYES 
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 0February 21, 16082308421407Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, England00February 17, 167023310633456122642Abington, Northamptonshire, England  FYESYES 
Elizabeth "Betsy" Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 017622364800253Montgomery, Virginia111835
23830611807326662Amherst, Amherst, Virginia, United States of America
Coal River, Kanawha Co, Virginia, United States
Elizabeth Hill
ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth 01560229102045511159023019784253010958  FYESYESR
Elizabeth J.. Hill
Elizabeth J..AAAAHillHillAAAAElizabeth J.. 0June 18972414091117MI00October 9, 19732441965417627888Tower, Cheboygan Co, MI  FYESY100 
Ellen Hill
EllenAAAAHillHillAAAAEllen 0about 16052307457410England11yes2351286  -1  FYESYESR
Fanny Hill
FannyAAAAHillHillAAAAFanny 01766236626124900yes2410090  -1  FYESYES 
Florence Hill
FlorenceAAAAHillHillAAAAFlorence 0about 1863240168915211yes2445518  -1  FYESY100R
Francis Hill
FrancisAAAAHillHillAAAAFrancis 0January 14, 1768236682224700December 7, 185323981951618531373  FYESYES 
George Hill
GeorgeAAAAHillHillAAAAGeorge 017862373566229Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States of America11186524024201507928854Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
George Chapman Hill
George ChapmanAAAAHillHillAAAAGeorge Chapman 0June 3, 18112382667203Pocahontas, Bath, Virginia, United States00January 23, 188824106601277627993Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Giles HILL
GilesAAAAHILLHILLAAAAGiles 0after 14752259975540Houndstone, Somerset, England22yes2303804  -1  MYESYES 
Hannah Cornelia Hill
Hannah CorneliaAAAAHillHillAAAAHannah Cornelia 0April 1, 18492396484166Guilford, North Carolina, United States00yes2440405  -1  FYESY100 
Henry Hill
HenryAAAAHillHillAAAAHenry 0May 16932339552321Charles, Maryland, America11February 9, 177323686752427929138Frederick, Frederick, Maryland  MYESYES 
Isaac Hill
IsaacAAAAHillHillAAAAIsaac 0July 23, 18022379430212Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States00November 30, 184223941701724014740Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Isabel Hill
IsabelAAAAHillHillAAAAIsabel 015922302708423Halifax, Yorkshire, England11yes2346537  -1  FYESYESR
Isabell HILL
IsabellAAAAHILLHILLAAAAIsabell 0about 15502287368465Stroad, Kent, England11yes2331198  -1  FYESYES 
James Hill Jr.
James Jr.AAAAHillHillAAAAJames Jr. 0March 31, 1795237676022000January 11, 184323942121724717452  MYESYESR
Jane Hill
JaneAAAAHillHillAAAAJane 01470
2258149545Houndstone, Somerset, England
Somerset, England
22April 26, 14932266483522238516Somerset, England  FYESYES 
Jane Hill
JaneAAAAHillHillAAAAJane 0May 27, 18232387043191Harrison, Charles, (West) Virginia, United States of America11February 1, 185723993471583312304Welton, Clinton, Iowa, United States of America  FYESYESR
Jane Hill
JaneAAAAHillHillAAAAJane 014002232582615Trenowyth, Cornwall, , England0014262242078589269496  FYESYES 
Jane Hill
JaneAAAAHillHillAAAAJane 01460225449655500yes2298325  -1  FYESYESR
Jane Elizabeth Hill
Jane ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAAJane Elizabeth 0June 22, 18372392183177North Carolina, United States of America00189524133771205721012  FYESYES 
Jesse Hill
JesseAAAAHillHillAAAAJesse 01770236772224500yes2411551  -1  FYESYES 
Jessie Hill
JessieAAAAHillHillAAAAJessie 0November 8, 18902411680124Madison, Boone, West Virginia, United States of America44February 21, 19712441004448029324Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States of America  FYESY100R
Joel Osborn Hill
Joel OsbornAAAAHillHillAAAAJoel Osborn 0February 23, 1807
February 23, 1807
2381106208Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States
Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, USA
00February 18, 188424092251317628119Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Johanna Hill
JohannaAAAAHillHillAAAAJohanna 01394223039162100yes2274219  -1  FYESYES 
JohnAAAAHILLHILLAAAAJohn 0about 14242241347591Spaxton, Somersetshire, England11145522526705603111323Somersetshire, England  MYESYES 
JohnAAAAHILLHILLAAAAJohn 0about 1525227823749011yes2322067  -1  MYESYESR
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 0January 10, 1650232372036511171023458073055921905  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 0about 1618231220539700164823231623673010957  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 015712295038444Poundisford, , Somerset, England77November 25, 163523185603796423704Taunton, Pitminster Par, Somerset, England  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 017912375392224to Charles Horace Hill, Jr. (1921) Kit#23200/North Carolina, United States of America00yes2419220  -1  MYESYES 
JohnAAAAHILLHILLAAAAJohn 013402210667675Exeter, Devon, , England11June 24, 140822354966066825011Exeter, Devon, , England  MYESYESR
JohnAAAAHILLHILLAAAAJohn 0September 26, 1401
September 26, 1401
2233033613Lord of Spaxton/Spaxton, Somersetshire, England
Bridgwater, Somerset, , England
44October 14, 143422451045803312071Bridgwater, Somerset, , England  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 0November 25, 1764236567725000September 1, 184923966371658430960  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 0March 3, 16022306240413Billericay, Essex, England00June 8, 168923381143258731874Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 01756236260825911181223830612035620453  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 017352354938280Antietam Creek, Frederick, Maryland, America11January 6, 180323795972126824841Loveland, Clermont, Ohio, USA  MYESYES 
John Hill
JohnAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn 0May 28, 16202312901394London, London, Middlesex, England11April 28, 167723336903375620789London, Middlesex, England  MYESYESR
John A. Hill
John A. Hill
John A.AAAAHillHillAAAAJohn A. 0July 29, 17922375785222Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States00December 25, 1869
December 25, 1869
24040571457728272Daviess, Missouri, United States
Pocahontas Co, WV or Davies, Missouri, United States
John A. Hill
John A. Hill
John A.AAAAHillHillAAAAJohn A. 0July 29, 17922375785222Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States00December 25, 1869
December 25, 1869
24040571457728272Daviess, Missouri, United States
Pocahontas Co, WV or Davies, Missouri, United States
John Addison Hill
John AddisonAAAAHillHillAAAAJohn Addison 0July 6, 1851239731016300yes2441135  -1  MYESY100 
Joseph Hill
JosephAAAAHillHillAAAAJoseph 0March 3, 16022306240413Billericay, Essex, England00May 2, 168823377123268631472Essex, Essex, Massachusetts, America  MYESYES 
Julian Hill
JulianAAAAHillHillAAAAJulian 0September 24, 18562399217158Boone County, (West) Virginia11November 17, 19342427759807828542  MYESY100R
Kelley Washington Hill
Kelley Washington Hill
Kelley WashingtonAAAAHillHillAAAAKelley Washington 0March 22, 18362391726179North Carolina, United States of America00February 23, 188724103261285018600  MYESYES 
Kelley Washington Hill
Kelley Washington Hill
Kelley WashingtonAAAAHillHillAAAAKelley Washington 0March 22, 18362391726179North Carolina, United States of America00February 23, 188724103261285018600  MYESYES 
Louretta M. Hill
Louretta M.AAAAHillHillAAAALouretta M. 0January 12, 18872410284128MI00September 19852446324299836026  FYESY100 
Lucy Hill
LucyAAAAHillHillAAAALucy 017752369548240Amherst, Virginia, United States00yes2413377  -1  FYESYES 
Lucy Elizabeth Hill
Lucy ElizabethAAAAHillHillAAAALucy Elizabeth 0January 13, 17602363899255Goochland, Goochland, Virginia, United States00January 8, 182523876351906423736Elbert, Georgia, United States of America  FYESYES 
Lydia L. Hill
Lydia L.AAAAHillHillAAAALydia L. 0May 8, 18892411131125TN00September 1, 19702440831448129700Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., MI  FYESY100 
Lydia W. "Lillie" Hill
Lydia W.AAAAHillHillAAAALydia W. 0October 18792407639135Ohio, West Virginia, United States44yes2451362  -1  FYESY100 
Magdalena Hill
MagdalenaAAAAHillHillAAAAMagdalena 016052307457410Queens, Livingston, New York, United States11September 30, 168423364023307929127Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States  FYESYES 
Margaret Hill
MargaretAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret 0about 14772260706538Houndstone, Somerset, England00yes2304535  -1  FYESYES 
Margaret Hill
MargaretAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret 01387222783462811145822537665577125932  FYESYESR
Margaret Hill
MargaretAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret 0November 2, 1737235579227711181623845221997828548  FYESYESR
Margaret Hill
MargaretAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret 0August 10, 17972377623217Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States00January 19, 189024113871259233764Knox City, Knox, Missouri, United States  FYESYES 
Margaret "Peggy" Hill
MargaretAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret 017612364435254Rowan, North Carolina, USA00June 183023896191846925352Randolph, North Carolina, United States  FYESYES 
Margaret Landora Hill
Margaret LandoraAAAAHillHillAAAAMargaret Landora 0October 4, 18652402514149, Tyler, West Virginia, USA00December 10, 19452431800698029286Middlebourne, Tyler, West Virginia, USA  FYESY100R
Martha A. Hill
Martha A.AAAAHillHillAAAAMartha A. 0May 18862410043128North Carolina00yes2453919  -1  FYESY100 
Martha Sarah Hill
Martha SarahAAAAHillHillAAAAMartha Sarah 0January 24, 17952376694220Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States00January 8, 187724066281388129934Lafayette, Missouri, United States  FYESYES 
Mary Hill
MaryAAAAHillHillAAAAMary 015662293212449Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, , England11161523111094004917897Norwich, Norfolk, , England  FYESYESR
Mary Hill
MaryAAAAHillHillAAAAMary 01774236918324100January 18, 184923964111667527410  FYESYES 
Mary Hill
MaryAAAAHillHillAAAAMary 017502360417265Virginia, United States of America00yes2404246  -1  FYESYES 
Mary Ann Hill
Mary AnnAAAAHillHillAAAAMary Ann 0December 18, 18462395649168Back Creek, Randolph, North Carolina, United States00August 16, 191224196311026523982Asheboro, Randolph, North Carolina, United States  FYESYES 
Mary Essie Hill
Mary EssieAAAAHillHillAAAAMary Essie 0December 19, 18782407338136Boone County, W.V.55August 19, 1947
August 1, 1947
2432399676825079Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia  FYESY100 
Mary Ida Hill
Mary IdaAAAAHillHillAAAAMary Ida 0November 7, 18832409122131Kanawha City, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America00April 2, 1958
April 2, 1958
2436296577427174Alum Creek, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States
Brounland, Kanawha, West Virginia
MaudAAAAHILLHILLAAAAMaud 0about January 1, 15052270750510Houndstone, Somerset, England11between 1561 and 160022985084545620454  FYESYES 
Nancy Almina Hill
Nancy AlminaAAAAHillHillAAAANancy Almina 0October 18, 18382392666176Guilford, North Carolina, United States00yes2436387  -1  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Hill
Nancy AnnAAAAHillHillAAAANancy Ann 0February 6, 18852409579130Summer Town, Maury, Tennessee, USA1515February 22, 19712441005448631426Big Rapids, Mecosta, Michigan, United States of America  FYESY100 
Nancy Ann Hill
Nancy AnnAAAAHillHillAAAANancy Ann 0January 28, 1819
2385618196, Randolph, North Carolina, USA11November 5, 187424058331405520370, Randolph, North Carolina, USA  FYESYES 
Nathaniel Hill
NathanielAAAAHillHillAAAANathaniel 017402356764275Charles City, Goochland, Virginia, America55November 16, 180723813722076724790Amherst, Amherst, Virginia, United States of America  MYESYES 
Nathaniel Hill
NathanielAAAAHillHillAAAANathaniel 017722368452243Amherst, Virginia, United States00February 7, 183623916821796423412Nelson, Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Obadiah Hill
ObadiahAAAAHillHillAAAAObadiah 0October 16972341166317New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, America00April 25, 176623661932496825042North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut  MYESYES 
Polly Taboth Hill
Polly TabothAAAAHillHillAAAAPolly Taboth 017732368818242Amherst, Virginia, United States00yes2412647  -1Nelson, Virginia, United States  FYESYES 
Rachel Hill
RachelAAAAHillHillAAAARachel 01705
about 1720
2349459310Partney, Lincolnshire, England,44yes2387810  -1  FYESYESR
Ralph HILL
RalphAAAAHILLHILLAAAARalph 0about 14452249018570Houndstone, Somerset, England33yes2292847  -1  MYESYES 
Richard Hill
RichardAAAAHillHillAAAARichard 0July 13, 1763
July 13, 1763
2365176251North Carolina, United States of America1111June 4, 1849
June 4, 1849
23965481658531372Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States
Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States
Richard Hill
RichardAAAAHillHillAAAARichard 01763236516525200yes2408994  -1  MYESYES 
Robert HILL
RobertAAAAHILLHILLAAAARobert 0about 14602254496555Houndstone, Somerset, England33September 8, 149322666185213312304  MYESYES 
Robert HILL
RobertAAAAHILLHILLAAAARobert 013752223451640Spaxton, , Somerset, England55April 25, 142322409145924817645Durston, Taunton, Somerset, England  MYESYES 
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 015702294673445England11163123169533846122280Virginia, United States of America  MYESYESR
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 0about 16212313301394New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, America11August 1, 166323286713514215552New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, America  MYESYES 
Robert HILL
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHILLHILLAAAARobert 013922229660623Shilston, , Devon, England22May 12, 144422486025705219124Shilston, , Devon, England  MYESYES 
Robert HILL
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 013922229660623Shilston, , Devon, England22May 12, 144422486025705219124Shilston, , Devon, England  MYESYES 
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 0April 14212240174594Houndstone, , Somerset, England00September 8, 149322666185217226458Dunster Church, , Somerset, England  MYESYES 
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 016782334120337Surry, Virginia, America11176523658962508731776Halifax, North Carolina, United States  MYESYESR
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 01756236260825900yes2406437  -1  MYESYES 
Robert Hill
RobertAAAAHillHillAAAARobert 0October 16502323999364London, London, Middlesex, England11May 6, 169723410033174617019Charles, Maryland, America  MYESYES 
Roger Hill
RogerAAAAHillHillAAAARoger 014282242808587Taunton, Somerset, England00yes2286637  -1.  MYESYES 
Roland Hill
RolandAAAAHillHillAAAARoland 018222386714193Kanawa County, VA, West Virginia, United States11188024078981355821184Lincoln County, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Rosanne Hill
RosanneAAAAHillHillAAAARosanne 0about 15922302708423Near Ilchester, Somerset, England33before October 10, 167023312983447828772Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island, America  FYESYES 
Ruth A. Hill
Ruth A.AAAAHillHillAAAARuth A. 0January 18892411019126North Carolina00yes2455015  -1  FYESY100 
Salley Sarah Hill
Salley SarahAAAAHillHillAAAASalley Sarah 01764236553025100yes2409359  -1  FYESYES 
Samuel Hill
SamuelAAAAHillHillAAAASamuel 0February 6, 1885240957913000February 6, 1885240957913000  MYESYES 
Samuel Hill
SamuelAAAAHillHillAAAASamuel 01638231951037711170823450763077025566  MYESYESR
Samuel B. Hill
Samuel B.AAAAHillHillAAAASamuel B. 01779237100923611185623991321597728123  MYESYES 
Samuel J. Hill
Samuel J.AAAAHillHillAAAASamuel J. 0July 16, 18232387093191Stonelick, Clermont, Ohio, United States of America11April 26, 190624173271098230234Harrison, Indiana, United States of America  MYESYES 
Sarah Hill
SarahAAAAHillHillAAAASarah 0about 1618231220539722yes2356034  -1  FYESYESR
Sarah Hill
SarahAAAAHillHillAAAASarah 0April 27, 17562362543259Warren, North Carolina, United States00yes2406437  -1  FYESYES 
Seldon Hill
SeldonAAAAHillHillAAAASeldon 0March 3, 1912241946510300January 3, 19852446069307226604Parkersburg, Wood, West Virginia, United States of America,  MYESY100R
Sidney Thomas Hill Jr.
Sidney Thomas Jr.AAAAHillHillAAAASidney Thomas Jr. 0July 28, 18952413403119North Carolina, United States of America1119672439674487126089North Carolina, United States of America  MYESY100 
Sidney Thomas Hill Sr.
Sidney Thomas Sr.AAAAHillHillAAAASidney Thomas Sr. 0July 6, 1855
July 1855
2398781159Randolph, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, United States of America
North Carolina
66June 29, 1938
2429082768230308Trinity, Randolph, North Carolina
North Carolina, United States of America
Susan Hill
SusanAAAAHillHillAAAASusan 0about 182023859831951118472395845168279862  FYESYESR
Terelius Allen Hill
Terelius AllenAAAAHillHillAAAATerelius Allen 0June 19, 18532398024161Guilford, North Carolina, United States00yes2441866  -1  MYESY100 
Terrelious Adeson Hill
Terrelious AdesonAAAAHillHillAAAATerrelious Adeson 0August 18792407578135North Carolina00yes2451362  -1  MYESY100 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 014322244269583Spaxton, Somersetshire, England00yes2288098  -1  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 0about 1547228627246811yes2330102  -1  MYESYESR
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 017352354938280Caraway Creek, Randolph, North Carolina, USA88March 7, 179823778322176323076Caraway Creek, Randolph, North Carolina, United States of America  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 0August 17, 17882374343226Pocahontas, Chesterfield, Virginia, United States00February 15, 186524022831507627940Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 017252351286290Isle, Wright, Virginia, United States1212August 178923747072256423588Halifax, North Carolina, United States  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 017552362243260Johnson, North Carolina, United States00yes2406072  -1  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill
ThomasAAAAHillHillAAAAThomas 016002305630415Chaffcombe, Somerset, England001700234215531510036525England  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill Jr.
Thomas Jr.AAAAHillHillAAAAThomas Jr. 01724235092029111176123644352543713515  MYESYES 
Thomas S. Hill
Thomas S.AAAAHillHillAAAAThomas S. 01799237831421611187724068031387828489  MYESYES 
Thomas Hill Sr.
Thomas Sr.AAAAHillHillAAAAThomas Sr. 0June 8, 16872337383327Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Ameirca11November 19, 172423510612903713678  MYESYES 
Valentine Hill
ValentineAAAAHillHillAAAAValentine 0about 1640232024037500yes2364069  -1  MYESYESR
Varnum G. Hill
Varnum G.AAAAHillHillAAAAVarnum G. 01826238817518911189924148381167326663  MYESYESR
Wilbur Fiske Hill
Wilbur FiskeAAAAHillHillAAAAWilbur Fiske 0March 15, 18442394641171Red River County, Texas00February 1, 190524168781106022237  MYESYES 
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 0about 1565229284745011yes2336677  -1  MYESYESR
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 0December 27, 18042380318210Hillsboro, Pocahontas, West Virginia, United States00November 25, 186824036621466323344Nicholas, West Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 0December 1, 16082308705406Glastonbury, Somerset, England00July 1, 168323359453317427240Glastonbury, Somerset, England  MYESYES 
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 0July 8, 17662366267248, Randolph, North Carolina11February 28, 184923964521668230185, Randolph, North Carolina, USA  MYESYESR
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 0September 20, 17192349174295Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States11181923856181969936262  MYESYESR
William Hill
WilliamAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam 017012342520314Fairfield, South Carolina, United States11179023750272258932507Fairfield, South Carolina, United States  MYESYESR
William Clarkson Hill
William ClarksonAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam Clarkson 0July 9, 1843
September 9, 1843
2394453171Randolph Co., North Carolina
North Carolina
00January 13, 19222423068937828677High Point, Guilford Co., North Carolina  MYESY100 
William F. Hill
William F.AAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam F. 0February 18812408126134North Carolina00yes2452093  -1  MYESY100 
William Hill Jr.
William Jr.AAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam Jr. 0July 15, 1810
2382331204Randolph, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, United States of America
1111January 10, 1866
January 10, 1866
24026121495520268Progress, Randolph County, North Carolina
North Carolina, United States of America
Marlboro, Randolph, North Carolina, United States
William Parrish Hill
William ParrishAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam Parrish 0November 4, 17762370039238Virginia, United States of America00December 21, 183723923651776122326Nelson, Virginia, United States  MYESYES 
William Simms Hill
William SimmsAAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam Simms 0August 25, 18442394804170Boone, Franklin, Virginia, United States44November 22, 19312426668838731864Kanawha City, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States of America  MYESY100 
William Hill Sr.
William Sr.AAAAHillHillAAAAWilliam Sr. 0July 8, 17662366267248North Carolina, America22February 28, 184923964521668230185North Carolina, United States of America  MYESYES