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(2nd Spouse of James Jefferson) Bell
(2nd Spouse of James Jefferson)AAAABellBellAAAA(2nd Spouse of James Jefferson) 0about 1886241009012900yes2453919  -1  FYESY100R
Adelbert Theodore Bell
Adelbert TheodoreAAAABellBellAAAAAdelbert Theodore 0October 2, 18432394476171Maryland, USA00yes2438213  -1  MYESY100 
Alice Cassandra Bell
Alice CassandraAAAABellBellAAAAAlice Cassandra 0May 13, 18482396161166Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, United States of America00September 14, 185023970151642854Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESYES 
Alvin Bell
AlvinAAAABellBellAAAAAlvin 0July 26, 18872410479127Baltimore, Maryland, USA00October 21, 18872410566127087Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
Carrie Theresa Bell
Carrie TheresaAAAABellBellAAAACarrie Theresa 0September 4, 18822408693132Baltimore, Maryland, USA00July 24, 188324090161310323Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESYES 
Charles Brooke Bell
Charles BrookeAAAABellBellAAAACharles Brooke 0March 29, 18462395385169Baltimore, Maryland, USA00yes2439309  -1  MYESY100 
Charles Nathaniel Bell
Charles NathanielAAAABellBellAAAACharles Nathaniel 0September 1, 18792407594135According to family bible record and the death certificate/Maryland, USA00July 6, 19212422877934115283Based on 9 Jul 1921 burial at Baltimore Cemetery/Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESY100 
Charles Sommerville Bell
Charles SommervilleAAAABellBellAAAACharles Sommerville 0January 30, 18572399345158Baltimore, Maryland, USA00May 2, 19362428291787928946Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESY100 
Charley Jefferson Bell
Charley JeffersonAAAABellBellAAAACharley Jefferson 0about 1898241447311700yes0  -1  MYESYES 
Clara Leila Bell
Clara LeilaAAAABellBellAAAAClara Leila 0September 14, 1917242148697Baltimore, Maryland, USA002006245391998832251  FY100Y100 
Edward Bell
EdwardAAAABellBellAAAAEdward 0November 12, 18492396709165Baltimore, Baltimore City, Maryland, United States of America00September 7, 185023970081640299Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
Emma Clara Bell
Emma ClaraAAAABellBellAAAAEmma Clara 0August 4, 18602400627154Baltimore, Maryland, USA00March 16, 186124008511540224Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESYES 
Franklin Edmond Bell
Franklin EdmondAAAABellBellAAAAFranklin Edmond 0January 27, 18512397150164Baltimore, Maryland, USA00March 15, 191424202071016323057Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
George McDowell Bell
George McDowellAAAABellBellAAAAGeorge McDowell 0October 16, 18922412388122Baltimore, Maryland, USA00November 8, 18922412411122023Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
James Auvergne Bell
James AuvergneAAAABellBellAAAAJames Auvergne 0March 5, 1920242238995Copperas Cove, Coryell County, Texas11August 18, 20022452505128230116Temple, Texas  MY100Y100 
James Jackson Bell
James JacksonAAAABellBellAAAAJames Jackson 0February 11, 18812408123134Mt. Pleasant, Titys County, Texas44January 30, 19802444269359836146  MYESY100 
Jessie Polk Bell
Jessie PolkAAAABellBellAAAAJessie Polk 0about 1878240716813700yes2450997  -1  MYESY100 
Joel Thomas Bell
Joel ThomasAAAABellBellAAAAJoel Thomas 0about 1872240497614300yes2448805  -1  MYESY100 
John Adams Bell
John AdamsAAAABellBellAAAAJohn Adams 0May 17, 18062380824208Colrain, Massachusetts, USA11May 29, 185823998291565219005Leyden, Massachusetts, USA  MYESYESR
John Morgan Bell
John MorganAAAABellBellAAAAJohn Morgan 0about 1884240935913100yes2453188  -1  MYESY100 
Joseph Bell
JosephAAAABellBellAAAAJoseph 01760236406925511yes2407898  -1  MYESYESR
Lizzie Anne Bell
Lizzie AnneAAAABellBellAAAALizzie Anne 0about 1894241301212100yes2456841  -1  FYESY100 
Louella Maud Bell
Louella MaudAAAABellBellAAAALouella Maud 0September 19, 18882410900126Harrison, Marion, West Virginia, United States of America11yes2454649  -1  FYESY100 
Lucy Stanton Bell
Lucy StantonAAAABellBellAAAALucy Stanton 0March 10, 17842372722231New London, New London, Connecticut, United States11February 8, 184623953361696122614Stonington, New London, Connecticut, United States  FYESYES 
Mary Elizabeth "Libby" BeallBell
Mary Elizabeth "Libby" BeallBell
M. Elizabeth Bell
M. ElizabethAAAABellBellAAAAM. Elizabeth 0October 30, 19112419340103Baltimore, Maryland, USA22April 8, 20022452373139033033Baltimore County, Maryland, USA  FYESY100 
Martha Bell
MarthaAAAABellBellAAAAMartha 0about 1868240351514700yes2447344  -1  FYESY100R
Martha Viola Bell
Martha ViolaAAAABellBellAAAAMartha Viola 0about 1881240826413400yes2452093  -1  FYESY100 
Mary Bell
MaryAAAABellBellAAAAMary 0about 1803237977421211yes2423603  -1  FYESY100R
Mary Alice (Spouse of Charles Nathaniel) Bell
Mary Alice (Spouse of Charles Nathaniel)AAAABellBellAAAAMary Alice (Spouse of Charles Nathaniel) 01880240789813500January 18, 19482432569676824853Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESY100R
Mary Christine Bell
Mary ChristineAAAABellBellAAAAMary Christine 0about 1902241593311300yes0  -1  FYESYES 
Mary Elizabeth Bell
Mary ElizabethAAAABellBellAAAAMary Elizabeth 0October 16, 18922412388122Baltimore, Maryland, USA00November 3, 1897241423211751844Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESYES 
Mary Ellen Bell
Mary EllenAAAABellBellAAAAMary Ellen 0May 10, 18982414420116Maryland, USA00September 23, 19592436835556122415  FYESY100 
Mary Ellen Bell
Mary EllenAAAABellBellAAAAMary Ellen 0August 16, 1919242218795Baltimore, Maryland, USA00July 17, 19742442246405420059  FY100Y100 
Mary Jane Bell
Mary JaneAAAABellBellAAAAMary Jane 0July 28, 18442394776170Milford, Clermont Co., OH11February 29, 19242423845917929069Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS  FYESY100R
Montgomery Bell
MontgomeryAAAABellBellAAAAMontgomery 0about 1837239219317811yes2436022  -1  MYESY100R
Morrison Bell
MorrisonAAAABellBellAAAAMorrison 0about 1858239986315711yes2443692  -1  MYESY100R
Pete Brece Bell
Pete BreceAAAABellBellAAAAPete Brece 0about 1850239694116500yes2440770  -1  MYESY100R
Rebecca Bell
RebeccaAAAABellBellAAAARebecca 0August 1643232138137111May 2, 167623333293383211963  FYESYESR
Regina Gertrude Bell
Regina GertrudeAAAABellBellAAAARegina Gertrude 0May 19, 1915242063799Baltimore, Maryland, USA00May 30, 2010245534749534710Oakcrest Retirement Community/Baltimore, Maryland, USA  FYESY100 
Robert Lee Bell
Robert LeeAAAABellBellAAAARobert Lee 0August 5, 18642402089150Garfield, Breckinridge County, Kentucky11June 23, 19372428708777226619Wylie, Collin County, Texas  MYESY100R
Robert Silas Bell
Robert SilasAAAABellBellAAAARobert Silas 0about 1900241520311500yes0  -1  MYESYES 
Roxanne T. Bell
Roxanne T.AAAABellBellAAAARoxanne T. 0about 1845239511517011yes2438944  -1  FYESY100R
Sallie Ann Bell
Sallie AnnAAAABellBellAAAASallie Ann 0August 29, 1888
August 29, 1888
2410879126Breckinridge, Kentucky
Birth Certificate, file # 44-117, Breckenridge County, Kentucky
1111May 30, 19632438180517427301Allen, Collin County, Texas  FYESY100 
Samuel Adams Bell
Samuel AdamsAAAABellBellAAAASamuel Adams 0about 1887241045512800yes2454284  -1  MYESY100 
Sarah A. Dulaney or Bell
Sarah A. Dulaney orAAAABellBellAAAASarah A. Dulaney or 018452395115170Greene, Pennsylvania11yes2438944  -1  FYESY100R
Thad Bell
ThadAAAABellBellAAAAThad 0about 1896241374211900yes0  -1  MYESYES 
Thomas Brooke Bell
Thomas BrookeAAAABellBellAAAAThomas Brooke 0October 7, 18762406535138Maryland, USA00November 12, 19262424832885018297Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESY100 
Thorowgood Bell
ThorowgoodAAAABellBellAAAAThorowgood 0about 1770236772224500yes2411551  -1  MYESYESR
Walter Clarence Bell
Walter ClarenceAAAABellBellAAAAWalter Clarence 0February 24, 18532397909162Baltimore, Maryland, USA00April 3, 185423983121611403Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
Willard Doak Bell
Willard DoakAAAABellBellAAAAWillard Doak 0about 1875240607214000yes2449901  -1  MYESY100 
William Askew Bell
William AskewAAAABellBellAAAAWilliam Askew 0April 2, 18842409269131According to family bible notes/Baltimore, Maryland, USA55November 21, 19482432877666423608Maryland MSA Record G-68776/Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESY100 
William Calvin Bell
William CalvinAAAABellBellAAAAWilliam Calvin 0about 1892241228112300yes2456110  -1  MYESY100 
William Lorenzo Bell
William LorenzoAAAABellBellAAAAWilliam Lorenzo 0January 5, 18372392015178Colerain, Massachusetts, United States00June 10, 187524060501393814035Leyden, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA  MYESYES 
William P Bell
William PAAAABellBellAAAAWilliam P 018552398767160Maryland, USA00March 25, 191124191211045620536Baltimore, Maryland, USA  MYESYES 
Willie Perkins Bell
Willie PerkinsAAAABellBellAAAAWillie Perkins 0about 1867240315014800yes2446979  -1  MYESY100 
Z. D. Bell
Z. D.AAAABellBellAAAAZ. D. 0July 24, 184723958671671313after 19362428351798832302  MYESY100R