Individuals by surname: Gorton, Willie - Green

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Gorton, Willie - Gorton, Zilpha
Willie Warren Gorton (Birth: 21 April 1876; Death: about 1877)
Zilpha Gorton (Birth: 1736)

Lena Goswirth

Mary Fry Gould
Thomas Gould

Arthur D. Grafious (Birth: 21 September 1943; Death: 23 April 1998)
Arthur Dwain Grafious (Birth: 8 November 1912; Death: 29 August 1999)
Henry Louis Grafious (Birth: 24 March 1878; Death: 27 January 1950)
Louis Vernon Grafious (Birth: 8 February 1910; Death: October 1972)

Mary Granger
Ruth Granger (Birth: 1770; Death: 1843)

Ebenezer Graves
Elmer M. Graves (Birth: about 1918)
Gena M. Graves (Birth: about 1915)
Harlan Lavern Graves (Birth: about 1911)
Mary F. Graves (Birth: about 1917)
Oscar O. Graves (Birth: 1878)
Sylvester M. Graves (Birth: 1847)

Mary M. Gray

Joseph Green
Mary Polly Green
Ruth Green (Death: July 1710)
Sarah Green

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