Individuals by surname: Fowler - Freeman

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O.S._Prof. Fowler

Boyd Palmer Fox (Birth: 6 April 1905; Death: 20 November 1982)
Margaret Fox (Birth: about 1903)
Marion J. Fox (Birth: about 1867)
Robert Palmer Fox (Birth: 21 February 1880; Death: 18 April 1964)
Ruth E. Fox (Birth: about 1912)

Albert George Franklin
Albert George Franklin (Birth: about 1811; Death: 14 October 1851)
Benjamin B. Franklin
Caroline Amelia Franklin
Elinor Maria Franklin
George Washington Franklin
Gorton Arnold Franklin
Hope Ann Franklin (Birth: 3 October 1834; Death: 27 December 1921)
Joane Franklin
Thomas Jefferson Franklin

Eugene Arthur Franzen (Birth: 25 February 1924; Death: December 1981)

Rachel Fred

Alice M. Freeman (Birth: 22 October 1852)
Dennis Freeman
Howard D. Freeman (Birth: 17 September 1857; Death: 15 August 1879)

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