Individuals by surname: De Fiennes - Deade

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De Fiennes
Maud De Fiennes

De Glanwill
Ranulf De Glanwill

De Mareis
Joan De Mareis (Birth: about 1202)

De Roet
Catherine De Roet (Birth: about 1350; Death: 10 May 1403)
Payn De Roet

De Swynford
Hugh De Swynford

De Taillefer
Isabella De Taillefer (Birth: about 1180; Death: 31 May 1245)

De Valoignes
Bertha De Valoignes
Maud De Valoignes
Theobald De Valoignes

De Valois
Jeanne De Valois

De Warren
Alice De Warren

De Weyden
Adriana Alids De Pratt De Weyden (Birth: 1511)

Daniel Deade (Birth: 25 September 1794)
Daniel Deade (Birth: 1833)
Edward Nesmith Deade (Birth: 1854)
Henderson Brooke Deade (Birth: 1868)
Matthew Paul Deade (Birth: 12 May 1824; Death: 1893)
Paul Robert Deade (Birth: 1857; Death: 28 March 1920)
Washington Deade (Birth: 1834)

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