Individuals by surname: Day - De Clare

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William Nephew Day (Birth: 1838)

De Avesnes
Willem III De Avesnes (Birth: 1286; Death: 7 June 1337)

De Badlesmere
Bartholomew De Badlesmere
Elizabeth De Badlesmere

De Beaufort
Henry Cardinal De Beaufort (Birth: about 1376; Death: 11 April 1447)

De Bohun
Eleanor De Bohun
Elizabeth De Bohun (Birth: about 1345; Death: 3 April 1385)
Humphrey De Bohun
Humphrey De Bohun (Birth: 25 March 1342)
Humphrey VIII De Bohun (Birth: 1275; Death: 16 March 1320/1)
Margaret De Bohun (Birth: 1311)
William De Bohun (Birth: about 1312)

De Botiller
James De Botiller

De Burgh
Margery De Burgh
Richard Mor De Burgh

De Chatellerault
Eleanor De Chatellerault

De Chaworth
Maud De Chaworth

De Clare
Margaret De Clare (Birth: 1280; Death: 1333)
Thomas De Clare (Birth: 1248; Death: February 1286/7)
Walter Hervey De Clare (Birth: 1130)

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