Individuals by surname: Coulson - Cowdery

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John Coulson

John H. Countryman (Birth: about 1830)

Catherine Courtenay (Birth: 1438; Death: 1514)
John Courtenay (Birth: 1384)
Philip Courtenay (Birth: 1346)
Philip Courtenay (Birth: 1400)

Unknown Coventry

Albert N. Cowdery (Birth: about 1848)
Almon Cowdery (Birth: 1787; Death: 1854)
Almon B. Cowdery (Birth: about 1866)
Azubah Cowdery (Birth: 1 August 1755; Death: 19 February 1841)
Drayton M. Cowdery (Birth: about 1846)
Jacob Cowdery (Birth: about 1721)
Levlin B. Cowdery (Birth: about 1842)
M. Emerson Cowdery (Birth: about 1855)
Melissa Cowdery (Birth: about 1838)
Nathaniel Cowdery
Nelson Almon Cowdery (Birth: 6 May 1826)
Rufus Nelson Cowdery (Birth: 24 March 1858)
Sarah S. Cowdery (Birth: about 1845)

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