Individuals by name: William Warner - Williard

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William Warner - William Wooding
William Warner
William Waterman (Birth: 1744)
William Way
William Weaver
William West
William Whipple Gorton (Birth: 13 November 1879)
William White (Birth: April 1843)
William Wickes (Birth: 1756)
William Wilbore
William Wilbur
William Wood
William Wood
William Wood
William Wood , Jr.
William Wooding

William2 Roberts (Birth: 25 June 1699; Death: 4 January 1761)

William4 Greene (Birth: March 1694/5; Death: 1758)

William5 Jr. Greene (Birth: 16 August 1731; Death: 29 November 1809)

William_Jr. Merrill (Birth: 1761; Death: 1830)

Williard Alden (Birth: 1842)
Williard Morse (Birth: about 1801; Death: 25 July 1871)

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