Individuals by name: Sarah Tilden - Selina

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Sarah Tilden - Sarah Woodward
Sarah Tilden
Sarah twin to William Goodrich (Birth: 8 August 1649; Death: 1699)
Sarah [twintoJohn] Hotchkiss (Birth: 12 November 1731; Death: before 1785)
Sarah Waterman (Birth: 1750)
Sarah Watson
Sarah White
Sarah White (Birth: 22 January 1663/4; Death: before 1711)
Sarah Whitford (Birth: 29 August 1766)
Sarah Wickes (Birth: 1707)
Sarah Wickes (Birth: 1751)
Sarah [widow]Tuttle (Death: 31 October 1841)
Sarah Wilmot
Sarah Wilmot
Sarah Wood
Sarah Woodward

Sarah_J. (Birth: 1820)

Saumel Gorton (Birth: 6 March 1742/3)

Saverio Ponzo


Selina Turner (Birth: 1850)

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