Individuals by name: Margaret Whitman - Maria

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Margaret Whitman - Margaret Wyatt
Margaret Whitman (Birth: 1738)
Margaret Wyatt (Birth: 1490)

Margaret_H. (Birth: February 1854; Death: 22 March 1933)

Margaret_of_France Capet


Margery De Burgh
Margery E. Busck (Birth: 1914)

Margrit Reidner (Birth: 1914)

Maria Burr Howell (Birth: 1795; Death: about 1877)
Maria Frances Wilbur (Birth: 10 July 1828)
Maria Haynes
Maria Hutchins (Birth: 1833; Death: 1857)
Maria Jefferson (Birth: 1778; Death: 17 April 1804)
Maria Jefferson Carr
Maria Jordan
Maria Ladue
Maria Lucretia Ball (Birth: 1843; Death: 25 December 1918)
Maria Pelton
Maria Pilling (Birth: 1886)
Maria S. Merrill (Birth: 1857)
Maria Thompson (Birth: 1797)
Maria White (Birth: 4 June 1793)

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