Individuals by surname: Born - Bowen

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Ann [Immigrant] Born (Birth: 1592; Death: November 1648)

Myrtle B. Borton (Birth: 30 April 1875)

James 3rdEarl Of Ormonde Botiller
John Fitzjohn Beaghe Botiller
Thomas Bacach Botiller

Henry Botsford
Mary Botsford (Birth: 1623; Death: 13 June 1662)

Byron Bouchard
Dangereuse Maubergeonne De L'Isle Bouchard (Birth: about 1079)
James Thomas Bouchard
Joseph Bellamy Bouchard
Nell Grace Bouchard

Francis J. Bowater
Henry Malcolm Clive Bowater (Birth: 20 January 1908; Death: 17 August 1992)
Jack Duncan Bowater (Birth: 21 December 1903; Death: 29 November 1987)

Unknown Bowditch

Aaron Bowen
Elinor Bowen
Ellen Bowen
Harris Bowen
Israel Bowen
James Bowen (Birth: 1550; Death: 1629)
Jane Bowen
Lydia Bowen (Birth: 23 April 1666; Death: 25 May 1758)
Mathias Bowen (Birth: 1524; Death: 1629)
Maud Bowen
Mercy Bowen
Obadiah Bowen (Birth: 1647)
Owen Bowen
Richard Bowen (Birth: 1624; Death: 4 February 1674/5)
Richard [Immigrant] Bowen (Birth: 1590; Death: 4 February 1673/4)
Thomas Bowen
William Bowen

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