Individuals by name: Jessie - Joanna

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Jessie Bennett
Jessie Black (Birth: 1859)
Jessie Fremont Shafer (Birth: 14 August 1856; Death: 10 June 1935)
Jessie G. Alden (Birth: June 1863)
Jessie J. Black (Birth: 1869)
Jessie May Gorton (Birth: 10 May 1875)
Jessie P. Saltwell (Birth: 1897; Death: before 2002)
Jessie Young

J.M. Anderson

Jnda C. Markle (Birth: 1853)

Joan Allen Alling (Birth: 12 October 1617; Death: 11 August 1690)
Joan De Mareis (Birth: about 1202)
Joan Fitzalan (Birth: 1375)
Joan FitzJohn FitzGerald (Birth: about 1283)
Joan Hull (Birth: about 1625)
Joan Stride
Joan Sumner

Joane Brooke
Joane Franklin

Joanna Sheafe (Birth: 1613; Death: 16 August 1668)

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