Individuals by name: Huldah - husband

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Huldah Knowles (Birth: 7 December 1729)
Huldah Roberts (Birth: about 1843)
Huldah White (Birth: 10 February 1750/1)

Humphrey De Bohun
Humphrey De Bohun (Birth: 25 March 1342)
Humphrey VIII De Bohun (Birth: 1275; Death: 16 March 1320/1)

Husband Derthick
Husband Dr. Anderson
Husband Hamilton
Husband Harriman
Husband Hawk
Husband Johnson
Husband Knowles
Husband Livinston
Husband Lowe
Husband Marshall
Husband Meikleham (Birth: 1814; Death: 1887)
Husband Meriwether
Husband Norcross
Husband Palmer
Husband Smith
husband Spencer

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