Individuals by name: Emerine - Emma

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Emerine H. Price (Birth: 24 January 1822)
Emerine Price Meriwether (Birth: about 2 February 1856)

Emerson J. Badger (Birth: about 1841)

Emilie Riebe

Emily C. Unknown
Emily Gorton (Birth: 26 February 1816; Death: 1909)
Emily Hewes Baker (Birth: about 1866)
Emily Humphrey (Birth: 1819)
Emily Jane Baker (Birth: 11 February 1840)
Emily Kellogg (Birth: about 1839)
Emily Maria Aldrich
Emily Montague Miller
Emily Sutliff (Birth: 1831; Death: 1835)
Emily Sylvia Sutliff (Birth: 13 May 1844)

Emma A. Gorton (Birth: 1856)
Emma Dexter
Emma Durbin
Emma M. Long (Birth: April 1873)
Emma Markle (Birth: 1866)
Emma Morse (Birth: about 1851)
Emma Shanks (Birth: 1841)

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