Individuals by name: David Myers - Deacon

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David Myers - David Wood
David Myers (Birth: 1833)
David P. Jarvis
David Partridge
David R. Estabrook
David Shippee
David Taylor
David Taylor (Death: 1840)
David Whitford
David Wightman Wilbur (Birth: 3 February 1806)
David Wilbur (Death: 1837)
David Williams
David Wood
David Wood Meriwether (Birth: 1756; Death: 1795)

Davis Hartshorn (Birth: 1762)

De Ette Roberts (Birth: 1852)

Deacon Aaron Pierce
Deacon Abraham Bradley
Deacon John Punderson (Birth: 1644; Death: 23 January 1728/9)
Deacon Joseph Daniels (Birth: about 1640; Death: 23 June 1715)
Deacon Richard Butler (Birth: 1611; Death: 6 August 1684)
Deacon Stephen Low

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