Families: Willard - Wood

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Allen H. Willard and Unknown
James M. Willard and Maria White (Marriage: 11 January 1819)
James Nutting Willard and Mary G. Thayer (Marriage: 27 February 1844)
Phineas K. Willard and Unknown

Bates III Willey and Candace Merrill

David Williams
Ebenezer Williams and Sarah Meriwether (Marriage: 1833)
James R. Williams and Frances Meriwether (Marriage: 15 March 1812)
John W. Williams and Augusta Howell
Levi Williams and Ida Louise Gates
William R. Williams and Mary H. Gorton

Daniel Wilmot and Hannah Wooding (Marriage: 21 December 1768)

Hoartio Gates Winston and Anne Meriwether

George Wolff and Elizabeth Krause

Aaron Wood and Freelove Mason
Casey Wood and Mary Gorton
David Wood and Mildred Lewis
Henry Wood and Martha Cox
Silas Wood and Jane Capwell
William Wood and Ruth Gorton (Marriage: 5 July 1769)
William Wood
William Wood , Jr. and Elizabeth Gorton

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