Families: Wightman - Wilbore

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Philip Wightman and Marcy5 Gorton
Philip Wightman and Marcy Gorton

Charles H. Wilber and Abbie Lovell10 Baker (Marriage: 3 September 1898)
Charles Raymond Wilber and Living (Marriage: about 1944)
Frank Everett "Everett" Wilber and Ethel_W.
George F. Wilber and Effie Geneva Hartshorn (Marriage: 20 July 1893)
Henry Simmons Wilber and Sylindia [Celinda] C. Thompson (Marriage: 25 February 1839)
Herbert Hewes Wilber and Mildred Eunice Quarmby (Marriage: about 1916)
Herbert Hewes Wilber and Mary Margaret Moriarty (Marriage: 1950)
Howard Frank Wilber and Ruth Webster Smith
Howard Frank Wilber and Elva Ledford
Titus Wilber and Naomi Medbury (Marriage: 10 November 1832)
Walter T. Wilber and Margaret
Willard T. Jr. Wilber and Sarah "Sadie" Florence Hartshorn (Marriage: 3 September 1898)
Willard Thompson Wilber and Mary Ester Morse (Marriage: 31 May 1863)

Joseph Lt. [Patriot] Wilbor and Mary Stearns (Marriage: 29 January 1753)

Abisha Lt. Wilbore and Lydia Phillips
Joseph Wilbore and Mehitable Dean(e)
Joseph Wilbore and Mary Hall
Nicholas Wilbore and Ann
Nicholas Wilbore and Mary Plumb
Samuel [Immigrant] Wilbore and Ann Smith (Marriage: 13 January 1619/20)
Shadrack (Sidreake) Wilbore and Mary Dean (Marriage: 1658)
Thomas Wilbore and Alice (Marriage: 1535)

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