Families: White, Rev._Calvin - Wickes

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White, Rev._Calvin - White, William
Rev._Calvin White and P. Camp
Rev._Calvin White and J. Mardenbrough
Robert White and Bridget Allgar
William White and Alice_I. (Marriage: about 1887)

David Whitford and Sarah Ann Casey
Ezekiel Whitford and Sarah Nichols
Ezekiel Johnson Whitford and Mary Gorton
George Whitford and Hannah Wickes (Marriage: 15 January 1761)

Samuel Whitman and Margaret Gorton
Stephen H. Whitman and Susan W. Gorton

Francis Whitmore and Sibbil White
Francis Whitmore and Rachel White

Richard Whittier and Mary Rolfe (Marriage: 23 January 1607/8)
Thomas Whittier and Ruth Green (Marriage: 1645)

Benjamin Wickes and Alice Bennett
Daniel Wickes and Freelove Gorton
Daniel Wickes and Freelove Gorton
John Wickes and Mary (Marriage: about 1633)
Joseph Wickes and Mary Greene
Joseph Wickes and Bridget Price
Robert Atweecke Wickes and Sarah
Stuckley Wickes and Elizabeth Greene
Stuckley Wickes and Barbara Langford
Thomas Wickes and Ann Cole
Thomas Wickes , Jr. and Elizabeth
Thomas Wickes , Jr. and Sarah
Thomas Wickes , Jr. and Thankful

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