Families: Wayles - White, Nathaniel

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John Wayles and Betty Hemings (Marriage: after 1763)
John Wayles and Martha Eppes
John Wayles and Mary Cocke
John Wayles and Elizabeth Lomax

Clement Weaver and Mary Wickes
William Weaver and Waite Gorton

John Clark Webb and Agnes Smythe

John Webster and Grace Ethel Jones

Ebenezer Weeks and Deliverance Sumner
Joseph Weeks and Sarah Sumner

George Weir and Ann Elizabeth Price Weir

Paul Wellman and Phoebe Maria F. Beach

Chester Wells and Honor White

Stuckley Wescott

Unknown West and Lena Knittel
W. H. West and Elizabeth Williams
William West and Audrey Mann

Stuckley Westcott , Jr. and Sarah Gorton

Paul Wheelock and Beulah Johnson (Marriage: 1779)

White, Alfred - White, Nathaniel
Alfred White and Hannah Simmons
Daniel White and Sarah Crow (Marriage: 1 November 1661)
Daniel Ensign White and Susannah Mould
Daniel S. White and Elizabeth Charlotte Doll (Marriage: 14 April 1845)
ElderJohn White and Mary Levit (Marriage: 26 December 1622)
Elias White and Prudence Savage
Elisha White and Honour Sumner (Marriage: 30 December 1790)
George Elisha White and Martha R. Christie
Isaac White and Thankful Clark
Isaac Deacon White and Sibill Butler (Marriage: 30 June 1726)
Jacob White and Elizabeth Bunce (Marriage: before 1669)
Jacob White and Rebecca Willett (Marriage: 1729)
Jacob White and Deborah Shepard
James White and Tirzah Taylor
John White and Mary
John Sergeant White and Sarah Bunce
Joseph White and Mary Mould
Moses White and Melitta Potter
Moses [Patriot] White and Huldah Knowles (Marriage: 12 October 1749)
Nathaniel White and Elizabeth Savage
Nathaniel Capt White and Elizabeth Bunce (Marriage: 1650)
Nathaniel Capt White and Martha Coit

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