Families: Talmadge - Thrall

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Henry Talmadge
Robert Talmadge and Sarah Nash
Thomas Talmadge

James R. Tanner and Mercy Ann Arnold

David Taylor and Lucina Roberts
David Taylor and Marlow Johnson
Stephen Taylor and Sarah White (Marriage: about 1664)
William Taylor and Unknown
William Taylor and Ruth

Charles L. Thomas and Margaret Lewis

Asahel Thompson and Mary
Hezekiah Thompson and Hulda Atwater
James Thompson and Mehitabel Baldwin
James Thompson and Lucinda Hotchkiss (Marriage: 19 April 1780)
James Thompson and Hetty Atwater
John Thompson and Priscilla Powell (Marriage: 1666)
Robert Augustine Thompson and Elizabeth Page West

Francis Thornton and Mary Taliaferro
William Jr. Thornton and Elizabeth Fitzhugh

Timothy Thrall

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