Families: Sutcliffe - Tallman

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Harry Sutcliffe and Harriet Dyson

Samuel Sutliff and Eunice Curtis
Samuel Sutliff and Ruth Granger
Samuel Harvey Sutliff and Sylvia Chapman
Samuel Harvey Sutliff and Jane Eleanor Brandon

George Sutton and Sarah Tilden (Marriage: 13 March 1635/6)
John Sutton and Juliana Little (Marriage: 13 March 1635/6)

John Swinton and Orsena F. Smith (Marriage: about 1878)
Kenneth L. Swinton and Irene (Marriage: 1918)
Linton LeCount Swinton and Agnes_S. (Marriage: 1890)
Ralph Waldo E. Swinton and Hellen Agnes LeCount
Unknown Swinton and Unknown
William H. Swinton and Marie Louise Oatman
William Lewis Swinton and Mary Catherine "Kate" Linton

John Syme and Mildred Thornton Meriwether

John Taliaferro and Sarah Smith

Benjamin Tallman and Elizabeth Gorton
Benjamin Tallman and Lucretia Williams
Benjamin Tallman and Rhoda Church
Peleg Tallman and Sarah Stone
Thomas Tallman and Abigail Nichols

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