Families: Rolfe - Sanford

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John Rolfe and Honor

Charles Robert Romer and Catherine (Marriage: 1974)
Charles Robert Romer and Jane Ann O'Shea (Marriage: 8 May 1929)
John Gates Romer and Helen Josephine O'Shea (Marriage: 24 October 1933)
John H. Romer and Mabel Gates (Marriage: 1906)

Stephen Root and Roxana Rosanna White

John Edward Roy and Pattie Doll Stugard (Marriage: about 1945)

William B. Royal and Elizabeth Howell

John Sackett and Agness Tinkham
John Sackett and Agness Tickham
Jonathan Sackett and Ruth Hotchkiss
Joseph Sackett and Hannah Sarah Denison

Cecil G. Saltwell and Dorothy King (Marriage: 1927)
Daniel Saltwell and Jessie J. Black (Marriage: 1894)

George Sanders and Mary Saxton

Andrew Sanford and Mary Botsford (Marriage: about 1643)
Andrew Sanford and Sarah Gibbard (Marriage: between 1663 and 1670)
Ezekial Sanford and Rose Warner
John Sanford and Ellizabeth Webb
John Sanford and Mary Gorton (Marriage: 17 April 1663)

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