Families: Roberts, Nathaniel - Rogers

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Roberts, Nathaniel - Roberts, William2
Nathaniel Roberts and Rhoda Woodford (Marriage: 27 February 1763)
Nathaniel Rev. Roberts and Esther Loomis (Marriage: 7 November 1748)
Nathaniel Rev. Roberts and Margaret Marsh (Marriage: 1 November 1743)
Owen Joel Roberts and Sarah Chase (Marriage: 9 September 1840)
Reuben Roberts and Sophia [Clarissa] Owens (Marriage: 1815)
Reuben M. Roberts and Wealthy Unknown (Marriage: about 1891)
Reuben M. Roberts and Sarah A. Unknown
Richard Roberts and Deborah Moses
Sheridan Roberts and Harriet Unknown
Wallace Roberts and Theresa May Horton (Marriage: 14 February 1869)
Washington Roberts and Margaret
William III Roberts and Electa Humphrey
William Jr. Roberts and Thirza Andrews (Marriage: 1811)
William [Noble]3 Roberts and Phebe Wilcox (Marriage: 1756)
William [Patriot]4 Roberts and Margaret Merrill (Marriage: June 1785)
William2 Roberts and Sarah Mills (Marriage: 12 March 1727/8)

Robert Robertson and Anne
Robert Robertson and Ann

William Robinson and Mora Miller

George Rogers and Emily Jane Baker
Gustavus Adolphus Rogers and Martha "Patty" Humphrey (Marriage: about 1815)
John Rogers and Margaret Wyatt (Marriage: 1505)
John_Reverand "the Martyr" Rogers and Adriana Alids De Pratt De Weyden
Richard_Reverand Rogers and Susan (Marriage: 1576)
Thomas Rogers and Catherine Courtenay

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