Families: Richards - Roberts, Moses

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W. Richards and Jessie May Gorton

Charles Alan Ridgeway and Mildred Gorton

Gilhard Riedener and Christiana

Edwin Henry Riley and Harriet M. Berry
James Riley and Avis Melissa Gorton (Marriage: 10 July 1823)

Richard Roath and Sarah Saxton

Newton James Robens and Malinda Banning
Stephen P. Robens and Mary Ann Hotchkiss (Marriage: 26 March 1829)

Roberts, Adam - Roberts, Moses
Adam W. Roberts and Rebecca B. Hall (Marriage: about 1877)
Dwight Roberts and Elizabeth Flick
Earl P. Roberts and Maud
Elisha Roberts and Mary Polly Durfee
Frederick Oscar Roberts and Lillian Anna Briner (Marriage: 23 September 1890)
Jerome Roberts and Mary Unknown
John Roberts and Frances Unknown
John N. Col. Roberts and Emily Sylvia Sutliff (Marriage: 18 October 1867)
John5 Roberts and Emeline Hotchkiss (Marriage: 3 October 1822)
Lavan D. Roberts and Mary J. Wilder
Lemuel Roberts and Rhoda Woodford (Marriage: 8 December 1763)
Lemuel Lt. Roberts and Abigail Beaman (Marriage: 7 November 1731)
Lucian Roberts and Elsie Breed (Marriage: 12 November 1853)
Luzerne Linden Roberts and Jennie A. Costley (Marriage: 1868)
Lyman Roberts and Maria Pelton (Marriage: 24 January 1836)
Lyman Roberts and Lydia Burnham Isham (Marriage: 10 June 1840)
Lyman Roberts and Philena Salley Pelton (Marriage: 27 May 1829)
Marquis [Josia] Roberts and Lobiron Beach (Marriage: 8 January 1818)
Martin Roberts and Sybil Moses (Marriage: 27 May 1782)
Moses Roberts and Rachel Adams

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