Families: Pope - Punderson

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Henry Pope and Alice Pauline Miller

Joh Porter and Sibyl Vessey
John Porter and Anne White (Marriage: 18 October 1620)
Joseph R. Porter and Grace L. Wilber
W. L. Porter and Viella E. Holmes

Asa Potter and Unknown Bowditch

Harry D. Poulston and Mary J. Roberts (Marriage: 1926)

William Powel

Barnabie Powell and Agnes Webb (Marriage: 1583)
Michael Powell and Joan Stride
Michael Powell and Abigail Bedell (Marriage: about 1630)
Robert Powell and Johane Dobson
Thomas Powell and Elizabeth Parsons (Marriage: 5 May 1616)
Thomas Powell and Elizabeth Townsend Phillips (Marriage: 2 September 1690)
ThomasCapt. Powell and Priscilla Whitson (Marriage: 1637)

Basil [Patriot] Prather and Frances Meriwether (Marriage: 26 February 1789)
Thomas R. Prather and Unknown Cox

Eliaseph Preston and Martha Bradley

John W. Price and Martha W. Blackburn (Marriage: 27 March 1815)

Deacon John Punderson and Damaris Atwater (Marriage: 5 November 1667)
John Punderson and Margaret
Thomas Punderson and Lydia Bradley (Marriage: 21 September 1704)
Thomas Punderson and Mary Miles (Marriage: 1736)

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