Families: Mors - Moses

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John Mors

Amos Morse and Mary Pettey (Marriage: 19 March 1772)
Amos Morse and Ester Newton (Marriage: 16 April 1807)
Anthony Morse and Ann Cox (Marriage: 2 May 1629)
Jacob Morse and Lydia Senter (Marriage: about 1799)
Jotham Davis Morse and Lydia F. Whitney (Marriage: 30 March 1837)
Robert Morse and Agnes
Samuel Morse and Elizabeth Jasper (Marriage: 29 June 1602)
Thomas Morse and Margaret King
Thomas Morse and Agnes
Williard Morse and Clarissa Hammond (Marriage: 6 January 1830)

Benjamin Morss and Ruth Bitford Sawyer (Marriage: 27 August 1667)
Joseph Jr. Morss and Mariah Bixby (Marriage: 6 November 1753)
Joseph Jr. Morss and Patience Peacock (Marriage: 17 April 1727)
Joseph Sr. Morss and Sarah Merrill
Joseph Sr. Morss and Elizabeth Poor
Obediah Sr. Morss and Lydia Myrick

Caleb Moses and Hannah Beaman (Marriage: 1726)
Daniel Moses and Mary Wilcox
Elisha Moses and Mercy Barber
John Moses and Deborah Thrall (Marriage: 1680)

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