Families: Meriwether, Valentine - Merrill

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Meriwether, Valentine - Meriwether, William
Valentine Meriwether and Priscilla Pollard
Valentine Meriwether and Lucy Carter
William Meriwether and Elizabeth Bushrod
William Meriwether and Martha Cox Wood
William Meriwether and Sarah Neville Oldham (Marriage: 24 May 1788)
William Meriwether and Elizabeth Winslow
William Meriwether and Miss Hathaway
William Douglas Meriwether and Elizabeth Lewis (Marriage: 1788)

George Merriam and Susan Raven
George Merriam and Emily Gorton
Robert Deacon Merriam and Mary Sheafe

John Merrifield and Mary Goad

Abraham Merrill and Abigail Webster
Daniel Merrill and Susanna Pratt
Daniel Merrill and Diadama Mills
Isaac Merrill and Elizabeth Seymour
John Merrill and Sarah Watson
Jonathan Merrill and Mary Perry
Lowell A. Merrill and Lydia P. Wilber
William Merrill and Sarah Kellogg (Marriage: about 1751)
William_Jr. Merrill and Elizabeth Wilcox
William_Jr. Merrill and Thede Brown

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