Families: Larkham - Lewis, Robert

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Lott Larkham and Betsy Olive Gordon
William Larkham

Ernest Robert LaSalle and Barbara Hemerling (Marriage: before 1849)

Le Boteler
Edmund Le Boteler and Joan FitzJohn FitzGerald
James Earl of Ormond Le Boteler and Eleanor De Bohun (Marriage: 17 October 1326)
Theobald Le Boteler
Theobald Chief Butler of Ireland Le Boteler and Margery De Burgh
Theobald "le Butzllen" Le Boteler and Joan De Mareis

Le Vavasour
Robert Le Vavasour

William V. LeCount and Mary H. Shanks

Walter Scott LeFebre and Helen A. Swinton (Marriage: 1904)

Waldemar H. Lein and Majorie M. McNary (Marriage: 12 December 1917)

Addison Leonard and Elizabeth Clark (Marriage: 25 July 1806)
Job Strong [Patriot] Leonard and Betsy Robbins Walker

Lewis, Charles - Lewis, Robert
Charles Lewis and Mary Lewis
Curtis Lewis and Hannah Miller
Edmund Sir Lewis and Anne Of Earl Of Dorset (Marriage: about 1573)
John Lewis
John Lewis and Jane Lewis
John Lewis and Anne Lewis
John Lewis and Anne
John Lewis and Mildred Lewis
John Col. Councillor Lewis and Elizabeth Warner
MajorJohn Lewis and Isabelle Warner (Marriage: 1666)
Mary Lewis (Marriage: 1836)
Nicholas Lewis and Mary Walker
Nicholas Lewis and Mary Walker
Nicholas Merriwether Lewis and Mildred Hornsby
Reuben Lewis and Mildred Dabney
Robert Lewis and Miss Fauntleroy
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis and Jane Meriwether
Robert General Lewis
Robert Warner Lewis and Elizabeth Wood

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