Families: Knight - Lanier

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Charles Nelson Knight and Margaret Anne Knight
Henry Alonzo Knight and CelindaClinda Luella Walker
Jabez Knight and Bethia Clough Sumner
Joseph Knight and Olive Colvin
Raymond Rhodes Knight and Hope Ann Franklin (Marriage: 1 June 1851)
Robert Knight and Marcy Gorton

Joseph Knittel and Clara Kirschner
Joseph Knittel and Anna Barbara Krebs

Frederick O. Knoether and Amy Susan Gorton

Husband Knowles and Ruth Howard

Catherine Krum

Carver Morton Lackey and Pattie Doll Stugard (Marriage: about 1935)
Carver Morton Lackey and Bruna Leban (Marriage: 9 April 1947)

Valentine Lamb and Josephine (Marriage: about 1885)

John F. Lamping and Emma_H.

Charles Irvin Lanier and Stella Taylor
Charles Nathaniel Lanier and Adeline Cleland
George Hobson Lanier and Florrie Crawford (Marriage: 1921)
George Hobson Lanier and Ermyn Fennell Tuttle (Marriage: about 1936)
John Lanier and Elenor
John B. Gordon Lanier and Lisha F. James (Marriage: 1905)
Walter R. Lanier and Aline Rose Rosalind Hofstetter
Walter R. Lanier and Ruth E. Fox (Marriage: 5 March 1927)
William Cleveland Lanier and Nina Flora Damon

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