Families: Jarvis - Johnson

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David P. Jarvis and Lucia M. Gorton

Lancelot Jasper and Rose Shepard (Marriage: 10 December 1574)

Thomas President Jefferson and Sally Wayles-Hemings
Thomas President Jefferson and Martha Wayles (Marriage: 1 January 1772)

Albert L. Jenks and Laura Amanda Gorton (Marriage: 15 May 1859)
Daniel Jenks and Abigail Kenney

William Jepson and Margaret Sumner

Dutee Jerauld and Freelove Gorton

Melville Virgil Jessup and Margaret "Maggie" Lucinda Roberts (Marriage: about 1900)

King_Of_England John and Isabella De Taillefer
Prince_Of_England John and Catherine De Roet (Marriage: 13 January 1395/6)

John1Roberts and Patience Saxton (Marriage: 1686)

Enos Johnson and Mary Wooding
Francis Johnson and Barbara Mitchell
George Aaron Johnson and Evelyn Hien Newell (Marriage: 2 April 1946)
Husband Johnson and Annabel Jones
Jeremiah Johnson and Sarah Hotchkiss
Joseph Johnson and Rachel Miller
Joshua Johnson and Sarah Miller
Levi Johnson and Susan Wilbur
Peter Henry Johnson and Lucina Roberts (Marriage: 1842)
Philip Johnson and Elizabeth Bray (Marriage: 1743)
Richard Johnson
Solomon Johnson and Sarah Miller
Thomas Johnson and Anne Meriwether
Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Meriwether
Thomas Johnson and Sarah Meriwether

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