Families: Hunkins - Janes

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John Hunkins
Jonathan Hunkins and Abiah Hunkins (Marriage: before 1771)
Robert Jr. Hunkins and Hannah Muzzy (Marriage: 6 December 1738)
Robert Sr. Hunkins and Abiah Page (Marriage: 1 May 1706)
Thomas Hunkins and Abigail Harriman (Marriage: 28 April 1747)
Thomas Hunkins and Clarissa Hewes Hews (Marriage: 11 November 1798)

Jonathan [immigrant] Hunt and Clemence Hosmer (Marriage: 20 September 1662)
Thomas Hunt and Margaret Webster
Thomas Hunt and Mary

Edward T. Hunter and Martha Crawford Abell (Marriage: 25 June 1891)

Alphonso John Hurst and Sarah Ester Tiegs
Francis William Jones Hurst (Marriage: 3 January 1900)

Gersham Ingraham and Martha Belden
Joseph Ingraham and Mary Sumner
Richard Ingraham and Elizabeth

Henry W. Inman and Annie Jane Gorton

Isaac Jackson and Mary Miller
James Jackson and Hannah Miller
William Jackson and Katherine Miller

Walter Janes and Lucretia Richardson

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