Families: Howlett - Humphrey

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John I Howlett and Susanna Hudson
John II Howlett and Abigail Powell (Marriage: 6 February 1671/2)
John III Howlett and Patience (Marriage: about 1700)
Thomas Howlett and Rebecca Unknown Smith
Thomas Howlett and Alice French (Marriage: about 1634)

David Hubbard and Prudence Goodrich (Marriage: about 1720)
John Hubbard and Mary Merriam (Marriage: 1648)
John Hubbard and Mary Wright (Marriage: 1676)
Jonathan Hubbard and Hannah Rice (Marriage: 15 January 1680/1)

Delmar V. Dr. Hughes and Dorothy L. Romer
John Hughes and Ester Cox
John Major Hughes and Anne Meriwether (Marriage: 1783)
Patrick A. Hughes and Mary_L.
William Hughes and Unknown Wood

Capt.John Matthew Hulett and Bernice Hale (Marriage: 17 March 1734/5)
Mason Hulett and Elizabeth Mathewson (Marriage: 23 October 1763)

Dudley Case Humphrey and Almena Gorham
Father Humphrey and Cyrene
Gurdon Humphrey and Mindwell Roberts (Marriage: 2 March 1799)
Gurdon Humphrey and Unknown
William Humphrey and Elizabeth Roberts
William Humphrey and Salome Pinney

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