Families: Hotchkiss, Josiah - Howell

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Hotchkiss, Josiah - Hotchkiss, William
Josiah Hotchkiss and Abigail Parker
Lemuel Hotchkiss and Parthena\Tryphena Murray (Marriage: 6 March 1765)
Lemuel Hotchkiss and Mary Mallory (Marriage: 2 January 1757)
Miles Hotchkiss and Aner Hepburn (Marriage: 18 November 1792)
Richard Hotchkiss and Mother Soulton
Russell Hotchkiss and Roxanna Lewis (Marriage: 9 February 1826)
Samuel Hotchkiss and Hannah Thompson
Samuel Hotchkiss and Sarah Talmadge
Samuel [Immigrant] Hotchkiss and Elizabeth [Immigrant] Cleverly (Marriage: 16 September 1642)
Silas Hotchkiss and Esther Gilbert (Marriage: 17 December 1777)
Thomas Hotchkiss and Sarah Wilmot
Unknown Hotchkiss and Lucy Hotchkiss Thompson
William Hotchkiss

Unknown Hougland and Mary Mott

Ervin M. House and Arrah Belle

Samuel Howard

Nicholas Howe and Mary Sumner

Charles Howell and Emelinda Washbourn (Marriage: 10 April 1842)
Charles Burr Howell and Mary Polly Green
Ebeneezer Howell and Sarah Bond (Marriage: 4 January 1748/9)
Ebenezer Howell and Almira Cake (Marriage: 10 April 1837)
Franklin Davenport Howell and Annis Stockton
George Howell and Anna Mulford (Marriage: 5 March 1801)
George Howell and Caroline Parvin (Marriage: 29 March 1833)
Gov. Richard twintoLewis L. Howell and Keziah Burr
John Cummings Howell and Mary Stockton
Joseph B. Howell and Mary Shivers
Lewis Howell and Louisa Kemp (Marriage: 18 March 1854)
Lewis Howell and Mary Fithian (Marriage: 24 April 1833)
Lewis A. Howell and Mary M. (Marriage: about 1894)
Nelson Percival Howell and Ester "Hattie" Unknown
Richard (Busck) Howell and Jean LeFebre
Richard Lewis Howell and Rebecca Augusta Stockton
Richard Lewis [twintoRobert] Howell and Sarah D. Watts (Marriage: 21 June 1865)
Richard Lewis [twintoRobert] Howell and Charlotte E. Davis (Marriage: about 1858)
William Howell
William Burr Howell and Margaret Louisa Kempe (Marriage: 1823)

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