Families: Horrell - Hotchkiss, Joshua

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Unknown Horrell and Charlotte Hoeger

James Hosmer and Agnes
Stephen Hosmer and Dorothy Selden
Thomas [immigrant] Hosmer and Frances [immigrant] Bushnell

George Hotchkins and Eveline Gorton

Hotchkiss, Allan - Hotchkiss, Joshua
Allan Hotchkiss and Mary Cotton
Caleb Hotchkiss and Mehitabel Crittenden
Caleb Hotchkiss and Ruth Munson (Marriage: 19 December 1728)
Caleb Hotchkiss and Hannah Wooding (Marriage: about 1790)
Caleb Hotchkiss and Unknown
Caleb [Patriot] Hotchkiss and Rosetta Owen (Marriage: 31 March 1778)
Charles Hotchkiss and Phoebe Maria F. Beach (Marriage: 18 June 1818)
Daniel_Sgt Hotchkiss and Esther Sperry
Eleazer Hotchkiss and Naomi Gilbert (Marriage: 14 December 1779)
Elijah [twintoElisha] Hotchkiss and Rebecca Osborn (Marriage: 3 March 1782)
Hezikiah Hotchkiss and Mary Wooding (Marriage: 19 June 1754)
Hezikiah Hotchkiss and Sarah Bradley (Marriage: 12 December 1751)
John Hotchkiss and Margaret Nevett (Marriage: about 1606)
John Hotchkiss and Elizabeth Peck (Marriage: 4 December 1672)
John Hotchkiss and Mary Chatterton
John [twintoSarah] Hotchkiss and Susanna Jones (Marriage: 28 August 1755)
Joseph Hotchkiss and Hannah Crittenden
Joseph Punderson Hotchkiss and Rhoda Wooding
Joseph Punderson Hotchkiss and Sarah [widow]Tuttle (Marriage: 11 May 1823)
Joshua Hotchkiss and Susanna Chatterton (Marriage: about 1700)
Joshua Hotchkiss and Obedience Cooper (Marriage: 18 December 1732)
Joshua [twintoSusanna] [Patriot] Hotchkiss and Mary Punderson (Marriage: 28 January 1753)

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