Families: Holbrook - Hopkins

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Daniel Holbrook and Priscilla Collins
Pelitiah Holbrook and Martha Stanford (Marriage: 1696)
Richard Holbrook and Agnes
William Holbrook and Margaret Fairbanks

Judah Holcomb and Prudence Goodrich

Randall Holden

Eugene Gorton Holland and Living Cobb (Marriage: about 1943)
Fred Mackenzie Holland and Living Becht (Marriage: May 1937)
Frederick A. Holland and Jessie Fremont Shafer
Rolla B. Jr. Holland and Mary F. Graves
Rolla Buskirk Holland and Helen May Mackenzie (Marriage: 20 October 1908)
Samuel Kent Holland and Adeline Buskirk

Branson Perry Holmes and Jane Williams (Marriage: April 1845)
Frank W. Holmes and May Harley
George Holmes and Ann Reade
James Lt. Holmes
Samuel Holmes and Susan Weaver

Daniel Hopkins and Amey Weeks
Ishabod Hopkins and Sarah Cole
Joseph Hopkins and Zilpha Gorton
Thomas Hopkins and Margaret

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