Families: Hammond - Hartshorn

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Jonathan Hammond and Elizabeth "Betsey" Mills
Thomas Hammond and Ester Dole

Alfred Augustus Hard and Emaline "Emma" L. Roberts (Marriage: 7 May 1863)
Alfred Augustus Hard and Elvene L. Curtis (Marriage: 4 August 1874)
Lemuel W. Hard and Mary M. Gray

Abraham Harding and Sarah Merrifield
Abraham Harding and Elizabeth Thaxter

Jehu Harlan and Nancy Evans

Levi G. Harley and Mary M.

Husband Harriman and J.Borden Hurst
Matthew Harriman and Elizabeth Swan

Job Harrington and Cordelia M Gorton

James Harris and Sarah Denison (Marriage: 1666)
Richard Harris and Susanna Burton

Davis Hartshorn
George Hartshorn and Seraphina Deborah Alexander
George Walter Hartshorn and Marietta Brigham (Marriage: 24 November 1870)
Jacob Hartshorn and Lucy Larcher
Joseph Hartshorn
Reb's Hartshorn and Mordecai Miller
Seth L. Hartshorn and Lydia Paddock (Marriage: about 1818)
Thomas Hartshorn and Susannah Buck
Thomas Hartshorn
Thomas Hartshorn

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