Families: Edward_I - Fairbanks

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King Of England Edward_I and Margaret_of_France Capet
King Of England Edward_I and Leonor Princess Of Castile

King Of England Edward_II and Princess Of France Isabelle (Marriage: 22 January 1306/7)

King of England Edward_III and Queen Of England Philippa (Marriage: 24 January 1326/7)

Nathaniel Eells and Huldah White (Marriage: 1776)

William Sebright Ellwood and Eugenia Quirk Baker

Abram Elya and Rachel

Francis Eppes and Elizabeth Wayles
John Wayles Eppes and Maria Jefferson

David R. Estabrook and Frances C. Bailey

George Fairbank and Sybil Wade (Marriage: 10 May 1551)
George Fairbank and Mary Farrer

Gilbert Fairbanke and Jennet
John Fairbanke and Margaret
William Fairbanke

George2 Fairbanks and Mary Adams (Marriage: 26 August 1646)
George3 Jr. Fairbanks and Rachel
George3 Jr. Fairbanks and Susannah Dean
George3 Jr. Fairbanks and Sarah
George4 Fairbanks and Sarah Harding (Marriage: 9 February 1713/4)
George5 Fairbanks and Jerusha Twitchell
John Fairbanks and Sarah Fiske
Jonathon1 Fairbanks and Grace Lee Smith (Marriage: 20 May 1617)
Jotham6 Fairbanks and Beulah Daniels (Marriage: 6 May 1778)
Jotham7 Fairbanks and Betsey Lovell (Marriage: 10 October 1803)
Lovell8 Fairbanks and Keziah Cole (Marriage: 4 May 1828)

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