Families: Crawford - Davis

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David Crawford , Esq and Jane Crawford
John Crawford and Winifred

Hirum "Harvey" Crittenden and Electa Roberts
Isaac Crittenden and Lydia Thompson

Frank Crosby and Hannah Greenwood Gorton (Marriage: about 1853)
Harry G. Crosby and Helen
Judah Crosby and Martha Hastings Cobb

John W. Cunningham and Adelaide H. Gorton (Marriage: 1 May 1870)

Herbert Curtis and Maude Farley

James W. Dabney and Clara Warwick Miller
Samuel Dabney and Jane Meriwether

Deacon Joseph Daniels and Mary Fairbanks (Marriage: 16 November 1665)
Joseph Daniels and Bethia Breck (Marriage: before 1693)
Joseph Daniels and Elizabeth Groce (Marriage: 28 January 1725/6)
Joseph Daniels and Deborah Keith (Marriage: 3 February 1757)
Robert Daniels and Elizabeth Morse

Tom Darwin

Charles Davis and Mary A. Josephine "Marie" "Mamie" Lundrigan (Marriage: about 10 June 1902)
J. Davis and Patience Miller
Jefferson Finis Davis and Varina Ann Banks Howell (Marriage: 1845)
Johnnie Davis , Sr. and MaryLu Gorton Myers
Mordeca T. Davis and Sarah_J.
Nathan Hatfield Davis and Nannie Harlan Doll (Marriage: 22 January 1889)

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