Families: Bauman - Beery

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William Carrel Bauman and Janet Laurel Kenny (Marriage: 25 June 1938)

Abiel Beach and Statira Newton (Marriage: 23 September 1862)
Elihu Beach and Mercy Moses (Marriage: 1780)
Ezekiel Beach and Azubah Cowdery (Marriage: 24 February 1774)
Ezekiel Strong Beach and Mercy Lobrion Beach
Henry A. Beach and Mary Jane Morse
Isaac Beach and Hannah Birdseye
Jerome Beach and Elizabeth Jane Unknown
Miles A. Beach and Emily C. Unknown
Samuel Beach and Rachael Strong (Marriage: 7 September 1748)
Zophar Beach and Elizabeth Wadhams (Marriage: 1746)

Samuel Beaman and Margaret Chapman (Marriage: 10 May 1693)
Winslow Emerson Beaman and Abigail King Gorton (Marriage: 30 May 1844)

John Melville Becht and Grace Bernice Biesch
John P. Becht and Mary E. McKale
Peter Becht and Anna
William Becht and Margaret Linskey

John Bedell and Dortohy Sweeting

Samuel Bedle and Abigail Collins (Marriage: 16 August 1586)

George Beery and Cathariane Cradlebaugh (Marriage: 22 January 1811)
John Beery and Margaret Shaver
Nicholas Beery and Mary Seitz
Nicholas Beery and Mary Elizabeth Keller
Noah W. Beery and Frances Margaret Fitzgerald (Marriage: 2 June 1878)
Peter S. Beery and Susan Susannah Snyder
Samuel Beery and Ida Hamilton (Marriage: about 1874)
Simon Beery and Mary M. Grove
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery and Gloria Swanson (Marriage: 1916)
Wallace Fitzgerald Beery and Mary Areta Gilman

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