Families: Alderman - Anderson

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Reuben W. Alderman and Mary Sophie Roberts

Leonard Aldrich and Avis Alma Gorton

Arthur M. Allen and Gertrude Baker
Isaac B. Allen and Martha Gorton
Isaac B. Allen and Harriet Gorton (Marriage: 22 October 1842)
James Allen and Rebecca Miller
John Allen and Margaret_H. (Marriage: about 1875)
John F. Allen and Phebe Brown
John N. Allen
Roscoe R. Allen
Walter H. Allen and Elma H. Shaw
Walter Leroy Allen and Ann Estelle Knight
Welthian Allen and Barbara Langford

Ernest Joseph Allie and Alma Belair
John Joseph Allie and Living Gorton

William Almy

Joseph Alsop and Elizabeth Preston (Marriage: 1646)

Edmund Anderson and Jane Lewis (Marriage: 1785)
Husband Dr. Anderson and Anna Cowgill
J.M. Anderson and Mary Howard Bohannon
Richard Anderson and Anne Meriwether

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