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Individual number 4781
Individual number 4783

Arthur C. Acken and Gertrude E. Romer (Marriage: about 1935)

Gillet Adams and Sarah Roberts
Henry Joseph Adams and Ina Sarah Roberts (Marriage: 1 June 1900)
Joseph Adams and Penelope Roberts (Marriage: 6 September 1741)

William Adee\Aydee\Eddy and Dorcas Bradley
William Adee\Aydee\Eddy and Sarah [twintoJohn] Hotchkiss

James Agnew and Sarah Burr Howell

David Alden and Judith Paddleford
David Alden and Amanda (Marriage: about 1887)
Dwight J. Alden and Ida_L.
Harrold W. Alden and Gertrude (Marriage: 1903)
Howard Holston Alden and MajorieL.
John Alden and Hannah White
John Blunden Alden and Priscilla Sara Mullins
John Milo Alden and Mary
Joseph Alden and Mary Symonson Simmons
Joseph Alden and Elizabeth
Milo Alden and Rosanna W. Myers (Marriage: 1 July 1856)
Milo Nathaniel Alden and Daisy M. Holston (Marriage: about 1894)
Nathaniel Alden and Hephzibah Dolbier (Marriage: 3 July 1828)
Noah Alden and Elizabeth Miller
Solomon Alden and Sarah Hall
William Alden and Minnie Berlin (Marriage: 1895)

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