Individuals by surname: Way - Weaver

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Aaron Way
Aaron Way (Death: 1695)
William Way

Ann Wayles
Elizabeth Wayles
John Wayles (Birth: 31 January 1714/5; Death: 23 May 1773)
Martha Wayles (Birth: 19 October 1748; Death: 6 September 1782)
Tabitha Wayles
Unknown Wayles

Critta Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1769; Death: 1827)
James Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1765)
Peter Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1770)
Robert Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1762; Death: 1819)
Sally Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1773; Death: 1835)
Thenia Wayles-Hemings (Birth: 1767)

Clement Weaver
Mary Weaver
Mary Weaver
Susan Weaver
William Weaver

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